Start/Stop Digitakt with OT

Hey folks, so just recently got the OT and DT, love them both. I’ve made the OT the center of my setup, and I’m sending clock and transport MIDI to the DT and starting and stopping it with the OT. Great. The problem is, when I press Stop on the OT, the DT pauses (PLAY and STOP are lit), it doesn’t stop. So if I press Play again on the OT, the OT starts from the beginning, but the DT unpauses and continues to play where it left off.

How can I get the DT to stop instead of pause when I stop on the OT?

Have you set Program Change on both devices?

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Yeah, I have Prog Ch send set on the OT, and Prog Ch received set on the DT.

Is it working if you change the pattern? Does DT follow the OT?

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double-press the stop button?

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That’s what I’m doing. DT still pauses and doesn’t stop.

I don’t have multiple patterns set up.

Try to do a Pattern (Program) Change from A01 to A02, does DT follow OT?

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Yup, DT is following the pattern change.

Are you using the Auto Channel?

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No I set the Prog Ch send and receive to the same channel.

Try to set the Pattern Change on the Auto Channel (same as the OT).

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Same issue. I noticed that if both the OT and the DT are stopped (Only Stop button lit) and I press the Stop button on the OT, the Play button on the DT lights up and goes into Pause mode. So strange. The OT Stop is being received as a Pause on the DT.

Check to see that youre sending and receiving both transport and clock.

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Yup I am.

I’ve got both an OT and a DT, and use them in the exact way that you intend to. Both my DT and OT are updated to the latest versions. I use channel 16 as my auto channel on both units, OT sends Clock and Transport and Prog Change, and the Digitakt receives all of those. I’ve got Turbo Speed off on the DT, all inputs and outputs are MIDI. Not sure what other things could be giving you those results. If you have any questions about specific settings let me know.

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I turned them both off then on, created new projects on both and now things are working properly. Don’t know what the hell that was about. Maybe a glitch in the Matrix.

Thanks to all for the replies. I appreciate it.