Standalone Maschine+

Most websites about it link back to a page that’s been removed saying the latest maschine update has things that suggest preparation for a stand alone

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This one has been on the cards FOREVER! If they can somehow do Komplete lite versions of their vsts in standalone mode then I’d probably be all over it when it finally appears

I’d be hyped if it’s true. Mk3 is portable enough but all my stuff is on an external hard drive and it’s hardly convenient to have a laptop with a hard drive hanging off it stuck to me. I miss my MPC live but I prefer pretty much everything else about maschine

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A standalone Maschine would then be what? Mk 4?

A long time ago, there was this guy :

And then :

And then nothing…

It’s gonna be hard for NI to break their habits, because if any Maschine standalone happens and is able to run vst, their ecosystem will be hard to maintain as it is today…

I wouldn’t expect a standalone to run vst though. I would expect it to run versions of some of their plugins. Perhaps the “players” or maybe some cut down, lite versions of them all. They pull that off then they’ll will still maintain as much control as they do today. Arguably more in fact.

I just don’t get the vibe that this is the route NI of today want to take though.

I do not expect that either…

If their standalone Maschine,if any, provided a FM9 ( time for an update guys ! ), custom reaktor ensembles along Monark etc…+ tons of I/O even if it does not load vsts, I’ll consider it pretty seriously despite my profound hate for them ! :slight_smile:


A moderator of the Maschine forum discovered this, just wanted to link it here but that thread seems to be gone as well… one of the NI official accounts on the forum just said that it´s basically “leftover code” from internal tests and ideas/brainstorming. But now with all the articles and threads gone this statement seems to be a smoke grenade.

Edit: didn´t search thoroughly enough, here´s the thread:

Another hint this might happen from NI on Twitter today?

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If this does happen, my worry is that it’ll likely look and work amazingly well but like all other NI bits of great I kind of end up growing out of them and getting frustrated with the odd quirks in the software.

I also could really do without the GAS right now… :joy:

Believe it when I see it. I miss the MK3 pads, but pains with NI software and integration with other DAWs made me sell all my NI gear. A stand alone would have to offer something similar to the MPC live, song mode, export to Ableton, and then make me breakfast in the morning.


Don’t think this makes any sense for a company like NI, who are 100% invested in their software. Even maschine itself is essentially a platform for them to sell more copies of Komplete to users. A lot of the plugins they make are pretty CPU intensive or require a huge amount of storage, so I don’t think they could go the Akai route and put an ARM chip inside of a Maschine and call it a day.

My guess is they’re gearing up to release a new version of their Maschine Studio. Would love to be proven wrong though :slight_smile:



hm, looks real to me… all the text and infos and the zoomable pictures…




Looks legit to me

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sincerely hope that they put a different sequencer inside maschine before they put maschine in some hardware.

on second thought, if this encourages Ableton to drop their stand alone Unit then I don’t care if it’s just the same ole maschine and hope they push them out the door ASAP!

A DAWless revival!

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