Stand or no stand?


Sounds interesting, does it reduce the Z axis flex?


I don’t own any of their stands personally, but I love everything this company does. Beautiful workmanship and lots of multi-functional goodies. You can now even get a nice new skin for the DT, and soon enough they’ll have a lighter weight wooden enclosure for the DT which I believe (don’t quote me on this) will have a battery pack of some sort.


Now that’s secure! :wink:


Lol my bad. I’ll fix that.


Yes - But there is still a little give when you push on the top of the DT.
It would need a bigger cross brace to remove all Z flexing.

My next step will be to attach some rubber feet, or a strip as I want to remove any slippnig (at the moment that’s a bigger issue than the slight Z flexing).


Yea, in fact that reduces the flex somewhat on its own - I have attached done transparent stick on rubber fits which I find during a recent ‘non-good promotions’ run at LIDL (should have mentioned that). They work well, and the stands don’t skip around at all.