Stacking samples


Is it possible to stack multiple samples on the same track/trig?
Essentially, what I like to do in a DAW is stack several Kick drums on top of one another to make a new/unique kick drum. Can I do this in the OT MK2 without having to use multiple tracks?
I know I could make the samples first in a DAW but I had hoped to take advantage of the OT features.


I dont believe you can since tracks are mono and even locking a sample very close to the trig would cut out the first sample. You can resample them internally though, just takes a bit more time.


Not in the way you want it, but you can utilize a temporary pattern, “stack” there the samples on different tracks and re-sample the result (single trigs or the complete pattern). IMHO there is no need to use a DAW for that.

Bonus: if you keep the temporary pattern around you can still change whatever afterwards, resample again and replace the previous result with the new one. With a little bit of practise this can become a quite fluid workflow.


Hmm OK - I need to look into this. Are you aware of any examples on how to do this floating around on the web? Do Is search for Temporary Pattern Stack?

Thanks! Sounds interesting

  1. Start a new pattern
  2. Make track 1 the first “stack” (let’s say kick 1)
  3. Make track 2 the second “stack” (let’s say kick 2)
  4. Place a trig on beat 1 for both tracks 1 and 2
  5. Make track 8 a master (I believe this is the best way, I’m sure someone will point out something I’ve forgotten)
  6. Set up a recording so that it records track 8 (any rec buffer will do)
  7. Place a rec trig on beat 1 and now you have your stacked sample in your rec buffer
  8. Save the sample, assign it to a slot and now put it on a track.

This does make me wonder if recording the master is the easiest way to do it, but off the top of my head I can’t think of any other way to record two tracks at once and sum their input…Except maybe cue out stuff? Which I haven’t messed with at all.


You can record either the main output, or the cue output, or any track (which can be the master track n°8) by setting SRC3. Advantage of recording the master track is that you can apply processing to the stack (global EQ, filters, compression…) to “glue” everything together before you sample it.

It’s pretty easy to do actually. As easy if not easier than in a DAW.


There we go I knew I was forgetting the recording of the main output and didn’t feel like turning on my OT to check :stuck_out_tongue:


Great stuff - thanks so much! Will give this a go. I pick my OT up tomorrow :slight_smile:


Oh my you’re in for a treat. In addition to the manual (which you should already be reading…) you should read Merlin’s Guide and read through the Noob Questions thread around here. Those all combined with just playing around with the OT will get you feeling like you understand it in no time.


I managed to get two samples pseudostacked on the same trig same track by using the delay - with the right delay settings and p-locks you can get a sound to trig ‘silently’ on one step and then hear its echo on the next step along with a different sample which doesn’t feed into the delay.

I was looking into it because I was running out of tracks one time but concluded not worth it.

Resampling is something the OT does so well that it’s usually the best way to work around restrictions. I sometimes have separate banks within a project for generating the resampled stuff/track-saving bounces, so that I can go back to them, tweaks and remake if needed.

Resampling is good for working round another OT restriction too - pitching up more than an octave.


Man, that gives me the idea of live track combining re-sampling. You got all your tracks going, you switch to another pattern part that combines several or all into one or two tracks, switch again to a pattern/part that plays the resample and now you got a bunch of free tracks. All without stopping.
OT just goes on and on.

(Edit:I guess that’s pretty similar to transition trick which I’ve done before, but good to be reminded anyway, it’s been awhile… :slight_smile:)


Silently? More details please?

I’m working on this with the One Year Lab, we have to use only 1 track, 1 part, a sample chain, and the track recorder.
I stacked loops with long delay and feedback, but I’d like to record a new stacked sample chain on the fly…
Tape echo off.


I think he means with delay full wet. It plays into the fx, but you won’t hear it immediately.


Maybe but as the Dry level is Fx2 Setup page (non plockable), it wouldn’t be a solution for me.


I can’t get to OT for a while so here’s my hazy recollection that may help - pretty sure it used the freeze delay type setup where the send becomes like a toggle - zero does something, above zero does something else - and also there are some settings in the setup page to do with whether you can hear the source. It wasn’t just control of wet/dry, but I believe there is a setting in setup page where the send knob (plockable) can become a mix knob.

Sorry not to give better details - when I get a chance I will - but right now can’t even look up in manual so forgive vague terms and good luck!


OT needs practice, it’s not a bike! :wink:
Thanks. I already tried Freeze delay, but as it uses Setup Lock I/O I’m not sure I’ll use it (no part changes allowed).
I think already found enough interesting stuff to make a stacked sample chain. Not simple!