Squarp Pyramid [compilation topic]

Thanks @SNK been waiting for some vids like this. Looks so wicked!

Not a whole lot of midi or cv/gate outs…

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I am sold.

Unlimited note and cc data per step for 500 English?
I pre ordered this box a while back, it looks like just the tool for mental midi performance and recording.
I am just a tiny bit extremely excited!
I received my hand made card with personal number and apparently things should be moving around June, even if the street date slides it will be well worth waiting for, I’ve read and re-read the details on the site a billion times and my imagination is stimulated to say the least!

I was originally taken with the Engine sequencer from Social Entropy but this Squarp slab put it to rest almost instantly…

Looks like only 16 tracks at a time. Its stated each project contains 16 sequences x 16 tracks. A sick looking instrument!!

Hey all of you, hello and rejoice !

The site of Squarp Pyramid has been implemented with the new user guide and more details about their future Pyramid sequencer.
No news about the date of shipping, but it has been announced for 07/2015 in a recent customers mailing.

Can’t help dreaming of this sequencer !


any of you guys bought it?

myself, i’m still wondering if it’s worth the 700 euros when my setup is based around the three black elektron boxes. but then again - at first glance - the pyramid looks like everything the octatrack’s sequencer might have been if only elektron hadn’t ceased to develop it.

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Such a beautiful piece, but kind of redundant in an elektron set up imo. Would be perfect if you had a bunch of hardware without sequencers or minimal ones. That being said it would even be cool to hook it up to a laptop and just control a bunch of vsts.

There is a market for a box that would enable composition on various electron boxes. It seems the octatrack can sort of do it but the interoperability varies between elektron boxes. For example midi mapping is not supported on rytm.


I bought it, and i wait for it. Every days i open my mail box expecting the green light for shipping.

I’m not shure that it is redundant with Elektron boxes. It permit, i think, to have a kind of suppa song mode in wich every box can be musicaly organised with the others.

If you follow the other threads, you’ll see discussions about compatibility with song mode of several Elektron boxes played at the same time. I think this box will resolve lot of Problems.

When we were gessing about the new product of Elektron (for the Rytm launching), i really hopped that it was a powerfull midi sequencer. I was really disapointed by a so closed rythm box.

I was interest by the cirklon, but it was to expensive. I hope the Pyramid will be The sequencer for live treatment of music.

very interested in this. elenacortes, please tell us of your experience when you had the time to hook it up with the elektron boxes :wink:

Redundant was the wrong word, over the top maybe? Nothing wrong with that though, if I could afford this classy sequencer I would def cop, but I tend to regret buying things that don’t actually make sound. Thats just me though!

I really understand what you mean. I do agree with this though.
In fact, I don’t have computer, I had and I know the confort it brings for work in progress and songs finalisation. So i hope this kind of sequencer, witch similar to computer, will bring back to me some facilities in song construction with different sound modules.

It will act like a midi studio for the boxes, like my MPC 2500 (wich I sold for buying the Pyramid) was.

Furthermore, it will permit live improvisations too.
I’m not instrumentists, nor knowing the principles of musical construction. The build in chord mode will free my practice from long years learning solphege and harmonics.

You see, so much hope in this new toy :slight_smile:

Has soon has I can Bruce, with great pleasure.
In fact I think that it will be ad minima better than my good old MPC.

Can’t wait to see some demos from the Elektronaut crew!!!

after careful consideration, i’d agree with virtual_flannel - the pyramid is a bit of overkill if you have (or more precisely: if you’re based around) the elektron boxes but looks undeniably fun! but waiting for reviews / user videos to get a better grasp

FYI - the kind squarp people told me they have just 4 more machines available from the 1st batch and that’s hopeful, meaning people are buying and the device won’t die

In some way you’re right if you’re based on Elektron boxes.

But if you’re boxes are MD and MnM, you’ll get advantages with Pyramid (microtiming, mute, polyrythm, polymetrie, unique song mode for the two boxes).

For a A4, the midi Fx wil be killer too, has the 64 bars.

So, overkill perhaps, but quite persuaded that it wil be a center production very efficient that will bring new perspectives.

The way we can recognise a double equipment is about simple midi abilities of the OT.

And, finaly, if you use other boxes than Elektron, it will be very powerful (DSI instruments, virus and so on).

Hope I’m not wrong.

Hope I’m not wrong.

go on and i just might end up with one of those 4 remaining pyramids :wink:

(and to think - I just promised myself to minimize my setup…)


The units are shipped !

I’ll have mine Monday !!!

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and now? did it arrive?

tell us about your experience :slight_smile: