Squarp Instruments Hapax Polychronic Performance Sequencer

I missed the first 30 minutes because I was in a meeting, but I would also like to thank you all for the great comments that I was able to monitor during it.

Anyway, now I am here, tuned in to this bullshit fart machine.

This better be good.

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They’re taking the piss, right?

This video sucks!

pointless, terrible ‘launch’

i feel like they just wasted my time, even if it was only 10 minutes.
the video was just a vector version of the circuit board randomly rendering a few vector lines while rotating around a central point … like a bad amiga demo from 30 years ago.
very dull.
but i suspect its a small desktop module with 16 xox style buttons

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For those not still tuning in… it seems to have moved onto something else now but not really closer to revealing anything. In some ways, it’s quite a bold statement to have such an obtuse announcement which I sort of admire. Especially as there are lots of folk in the youtube comments that are pretty miffed about it.

Also amusing how many folk just automatically equate this sort of stuff with modular these days. For me it’s much like some Pan Sonic, Ryoji Ikeda and the like. Although I do like it, I’m definitely not got the staying power for this much of it.

At this point I hope that this is just and elaborate way to announce 10% off for St. Patrick’s Day.


It’s definitely turning into… something.

I’ve been leaving the video running with sound off on a side screen while I sit through work meetings, this seems to be the optimal way to take in this launch.

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I also turned the sound off a while ago and have it playing on a side screen.

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My bet is that it is a video synth. That would explain the long launch vid…

Maybe this is just the screensaver on the guy’s computer who was supposed to hit play on the launch vid.


It appears that it’s a 24 hour livestream. I’m assuming they’ll announce some details tomorrow.


Imagine watching a 24 hr stream for clues lol

That would be the sign of a murderer that lives in his mums basement


Mother said if I commit those murders, she would let me out of the basement.


I see, so today was an announcement for the teaser, not the actual product. This makes a little more sense to me now.

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Thats not mother, that’s the voice in your head. Mother left years ago

Fight the voices!!!


It says its supposed to be revealed at 6pm UTC? which, if my googling is accurate, was almost 3 hours ago?


I appreciate other big things are going on but for a small company launching a new product it seemed weird to not bother.


Well said.

How did you lot last 10mins? I didn’t make it past 1m30 before coming here to read what it was(n’t) about.

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And just like that @craig had his first fight :joy: !

Don’t make me angry!


Edit: Bah embeds/links ain’t working proper!