Squarp Hermod


Now there is the Squarp Hermod to consider. It’s Eurorack which may rule this out for some here. More complete details are still to be announced. Whether it’s a regular Pyramid trimmed down to Eurorack, or with features beyond the CV interface etc is all up in the air.

There is some more info here:
Squarp Hermod_Synthtopia

This probably tops the Pyramid for me now, being at the top of that steep downhill slope to bankruptcy with Eurorack.

Squarp Pyramid [compilation topic]

I swore off all eurorack because of how much $ it drains, but when I first saw the Hermod, I imagined it paired with the Rossum Assimil8or, and it seems like this would be super awesome to me.


wow, this looks gorgeous.


What about the Morpheus? I am drooling over that module.

i sold my Cell48 and my modules but that is enough to get back into Eurocrack.


It all starts with just an idea too. Stop putting these wonderful ideas in my head.


I can’t wait to get this one. I am digging myself more and more into eurorack and leave al the other hardware behind. Oh damn… I am getting addicted…


More info from Squarp:



Thanks for link, been trying not to think about it…


Holy. Shit.


Aha, I have a Squarp Pyramid and just ordered my first set of eurorack modules. Looks like the Hermod will sequence modular and standard midi. Might be eBay for the Pyramid.


can’t wait for more footage of the hermod in action. looks killer :slight_smile:


Soon … you can preorder now. 380€.

More detail on the ‘Ermot’ (i guess that’s how you say it):

Small blurb on Synthtopia:

Added: Digging in, this thing has a lot of capability. The screen is so tiny though for what they have you do on it.


This bad boy is SHIPPING!!! :crazy_face:


Just bumping this thread… has anybody been using this? I’m in the market for a Euro sequencer and this one looks pretty powerful for the money. That tiny screen though…

Hoping to get some input from users?


It would be so perfect, but the screen is just too small. I hope for a mk2 version with bigger screen.


Yeah I agree, I had mine for a while, great potential and the fx are brill, get some really complex stuff going very quickly. Very easy to navigate and understand but yeah the screen is just too small really, if it was backlit or amoled (think Intellijel Plonk) it might help but in a large case it’s best at eye level to avoid squinting or odd neck positions. And the user’s age may be a factor too! My eyes are shite.
I really really enjoyed my time with the Hermod but then circumstances forced me to sell. It’s ability to control CV USB and Midi is excellent and it is more than capable of being the centre of a studio set up, albeit 8 tracks but capable of polyphony so it’s a mixed bag.
All the luck to Squarp though, that’s 2 great sequencers they produce and they are both powerful, serious tools for the right set-up/person.


Yeah, that’s what I suspected. Really torn on this. It seems to do so many things that would be incredibly useful in my rack… but I want it to be fun and immediate and not too screen based… !

I really like the look of the Analogue Solutions Generator for fun factor and immediacy but it’s quite a bit more expensive…

Aarrgghhh!! Decisions decisions…


Would the Five12 Vector work for you?
It should be considered next to the Hermod.

It’s based on the Five12 Numerology software sequencer for Mac. It doesn’t have tiny script to read on a screen, and has good functional organization. The price is close to equivalent to the Hermod, if you don’t add the Expander.

Just a thought.


There is a lot you can do without the screen once you’ve set it up for a patch/track but still it is a factor.
I ended up replacing it in a roundabout way with the Polyend Seq and Poly module but that combo is way more expensive…

You looked at the Endorphin.es Shuttle Control module? It’s mental, had a lend of one from my brother and it’s just nuts what can be done, even just patching itself to itself!


Reportedly (that is from Polyend itself) they are doing a controller/sequencer based on the matrix used in the Medusa, with the X Y bend and pressure sensitivity. So that should be smaller and likely cheaper than the Seq. Not sure if it does MPE nor what it would have in terms of CV. So this also might eventually be considered and compared as an alternative to the Hermod.