SPS-1 vs SPS-1UW+ difference?

Could anyone explain what the actual concrete difference between these two are. I’m guessing that the UW+ has more memory n’ stuff but whats does that mean.

Thinking of buying one to complete my A4 and OT, so i’m not sure if I really need the more expensive one.

Hi -

The UW+ has a plus drive and the capability to sample in 12bit although not for very long.

I just picked one up myself to go with my A4 - Love the combination of digital and analog sounds - You could also wait for the AR as that would be a great companion for the A4

Tons of people are selling their MD to finance the AR so I would take a peek at ebay.

“The UW Machinedrum models feature a sampling engine. It allows you to incorporate your own samples in the Machinedrum environment and to capture samples in real time. The UW MKII models feature 2.5 MB of sample memory.”



The UserWave version allows you to use samples instead of synthesis for any voice you chose, and to re-sample the internal tracks for some crazy rhythm mangling :slight_smile:
The sampling engine is far from being as capable as the Octatrack, but even then, you’ll be capable of producing music with the MD SPS1UW that you can’t do with the MD SPS1 combined with the Octatrack…
I had the exact same choice a week ago (A4 & OT owner, looking for a drum machine by Elektron).
I didn’t want to wait 3+ months before incorporating an Elektron drum machine in my setup.
Eventually went for the SPS1-UW+ last week (right after the AR announcement) and I’m very happy about it.
I don’t think the AR is a superior machine to the MD, btw, just the analog version, 13 years later.
I, for one, will also get the AR when it’s available (and my pockets are full again :wink: ).
But for sure, the MD SPS1 (UW or not) is a very nice drum synth !
I think most of the price difference between the SPS1 and the SPS1UW+ sits in the +Drive, allowing one to use 128 snapshots just like on the Analog Four with OS 1.1.
Wether you “need” all that is up to you…

thanks a lot guys, I think I have a pretty good idea what the difference is now and I’ll probably get the more expensive one.

I was really excited about the AR but once I saw the videos from Namm the excitement went away for some reason, guess I think the machinedrum’s sounds are more appealing to me.

Whichever you choose, I’m sure you’ll be very happy about it !
I love mine, it’s the perfect companion to the other Elektron gear <3

3 TYPES one machinedrum with no UW , next is a machinedrum with UW - this machine have the same pattern/kit memory and have a fast Ram memory for realtime record samples ( you must save many things in your computer )( … ). the greatest machindrum is with UW and +, then you have the samplefunction uw and a big memory with 127 placess to save a machinedrum projects ( ) -per place 127 sample memory/…

in monomachine is uw mor memory for save - they have no extra features how with no uw

and third. machinedrum and AR are two different machine with other charakter. both very good then it’s all about the question of taste and money