Spilled some water on Rytm MkII


I spilled a small amount of water on the face of my Rytm while it was turned off. About an ounce. I immediately turned the Rytm upside down and intentionally dropped it face down on my bed a few times to try and shake some of the water out, hoping it wouldn’t get too deep into the machine. I took off the bottom panel in an attempt to get inside and see if I could do anything to dry any water, but once inside I realized they’ve made it impossible to get to the inside of the face plate without a special tool. I saw that the actual voice chips were attached to the base panel and could not have been affected by anything spilled on the front. Not sure what was behind the board on the rear of the face plate but hopefully just buttons and tact switches. I figure if I just leave the thing off for a week, any water that may have crept inside from around the buttons should dry and not cause any problems. Thoughts? I also took some pics while I had the thing apart.


Yeah don’t turn it on. I’d try to unmount what is possible, eventually use a fan…
Good luck!



I suppose you could try to cover the boards with rice, it should help to dry it…


This is what you want!



Put it for a while into your oven at 40 degree celsius, it’s an halfbaked device anyway… But seriously, I would dry it in the oven and leave out (powerless) for a while, then you should be fine…


It’s baking right now at 425. Pizza is in there as well. Double whammy.


Good Luck with drying/frying your device…


Thanks Jingo, you’re the best!




watch out or AR will get cheesy :laughing: