Specular Tempus


It used to struggle with decent spring reverb etc, but apparently there’ve been updates to the algos and even those more conventional reverb algos sound great now. Some would say it’s the only “professional” solution…but I think those people imagine that an Eventide Space is comparable to one of their rack reverbs which…it just isn’t :slight_smile: (none of the pedals are in the same league with a quality Lexicon, Bricasti or Eventide rack…but they also don’t cost thousands ;))

Eventide makes awesome pedals, I have a TimeFactor and love it! Probably can’t go wrong with any of them, what luxury :slight_smile:

Also, throw the Neunaber Immerse Mk2 in the mix, sounds beautiful to me and well priced also :wink:


I really like the sound of the Tempus. that anti shimmer is lush.


Wow, thanks for the detail - much appreciated. In short, I love reverb (like everyone on this thread) and I suppose I will grab a Tempus and a Dark World over the next few months on Reverb.com (just to save $). I love my Ventris and some of the custom patches I created (by accident) sound amazing. BUT, I always look for a pedal with unique tonal qualities or capabilities and I suppose I will have 3-4 of them in my back pocket. Don’t let the “realistic” algos of the Ventris prevent you from exploring this pedal - the dual engines are super powerful. Like everything else, I have too many wants for my budget :wink:


Seriously, there are so many great reverbs out there right now. I went back and forth across the Specular Tempus, the OTO BAM, Empress, Mercury 7, Avalanche Run, and ultimately landed on the Mercury 7. I’ve only just scratched the surface, but it is great and definitely does what I want it to do. It’s still hard to avoid being tempted by the choices out there. I just found out about the AC Noises AMA, which is a combo Reverb / Bit Crusher, sounds interesting.


yes, I suspect the Ventris is one to own and love…aiaiai :slight_smile:

and that Chase Bliss Dark World?! also too good… + Joel seems like a super nice and deserving guy.

the Tempus/Specular Reverb is an easy buy also…

I’d love to have them all lol

I tell my wife about all this and she’s like “what are we talking about again? reverb?!” lol


Polymoon has a way to do delays that go pretty close to reverb territories, the crazy ones at least.
Hard to dial back an interesting setting, same as the Mercury 7, but a very interesting pedal nonetheless. I like to put it in parallel with the Empress reverb set to reverse, got really insane tones out of such setup (with OT both mains as the sources).


Any of you had malfunctioning problems? Mine doesn’t want to work anymore. It doesn’t even let sound through it :((