Specular Tempus



I cant compare those two, but I got a specular tempus and would not give it away anymore. It’s very good sounding pedal with 32 algos, should be something in there for everyone …

I would buy again :slight_smile:


Most important:
Not midi controllable, not clock syncable afaik. So you always have to dial in your t(pre) on every tempo change. The T3000 is badass, still. It does realistic verbs. Mosz pedals I heard do nice but unrealistic verbs. The are effects, the TC is a mixing tool for stage separation of signals.


I was curious about this too, I don’t have one but it says on their FAQ:

Q : Does Specular Tempus accept MIDI Clock signal?
A : Yes, beginning with firmware V3.7.


Since latest update some algos are syncable to midi clock. And it is MIDI controllable to some degree, just have a look into their latest manual.


That’s cool and defo not standard on pedals.


Indeed, but this one is really most bang for bucks! And it has stereo in and out!


Are there cheaper non midi alternatives? Digitech Polara maybe?


For its price it sounds very good.


And which one for delay?


Checked out the video, still doesn’t come close to the Eventide Space IMO.


Maybe my ears are broken (he seems very sure about it) but that was also my impression.


Don’t forget that a lot of ‘gear reviews’ are thinly-veiled paid endorsements.


Digitech Obscura :wink: Have both on my pedalboard. Really great for this price


@Unifono Thank you. I am going to order them for my Roland SH01A. Which Power supply? This? https://m.thomann.de/de/thomann_nt_0910.htm


Yes that power supply works.
Boss RV-6 sounds also very good for the price




That’s true although I would note that this guy is very critical of gear usually and also quite a successful musician, he doesn’t seem like he would be as easily impressed by free gear or swayed by cash super easily.


Exactly. Great honest reviews and videos imo


This definitely will make for a tough decision between this and the Empress. Both are compact stereo in/out, and are highly touted. I’ve been using an old TC Electronic HoF and I’ll probably be blown away regardless of which one I upgrade to.