‘Special’ USB pcie card


With Overbridge getting close now I’m looking for a USB card for my PC.
I’ve been doing a little research and have found out you can buy cards that have four USB3 ports BUT with four independent controllers. This means each port has the full bandwidth available.
I’d like to connect RYTM mk1 and A4 mkI, Digitone and Digitakt and also a Virus TI2. In theory this should be possible.
The cards I’ve been looking at are these:



Does anyone have any experience with these multi controller cards? Do they work well?





Q - is it better to have 4 x usb each with its own controller to ensure each elektron / virus has enough bandwidth.


will they be fine plugged into usb port via a hub ?

personally , i’d guess the quad buss would work better especially with Virus also in the mix but i’m unsure what bandwidth is needed even with rytm,digitone,digitakt plugged in.
presumably its close to 36 audio channels with those 3 boxes. (inc ins , multi outs , main outs)
i have no idea on the pci bandwidth.


Thanks for posting. I think it’s a great idea to have each Overbridge Device on its own full bandwidth port. I’ve had difficulties with Push 2 and RME Babyface Pro on one USB controller. Push 2 was getting random flickering lights and the RME was getting I/O errors.


It might be nicer to have a hidden installed USB card, than a hub floating around with its own power supply etc

Edit: possibly better value for money too!


I’ve had all sorts of usb issues with different attached devices.
Things like midi controllers can share a usb hub but more bandwidth hungry devices like Elektron boxes and my Virus could potentially benefit from one of these cards.
I’ll get one and try it.


Be sure to report back mate. I would like to know how you get on as its something I’ll probably do as well


I didn’t even know these multi controller cards existed. I hope it solves the issues.


Sonnos has a nice Firewire 800 card too. Texas Instruments chipset. https://www.sonnettech.com/product/allegrofirewire800pcie.html