Source Audio Aftershock stereo distortion

So this looks really interesting… especially the under-the-hood parameters like right/left parallel drive modes. Cheap too.

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And the configurability within the app is pretty mind blowing…

I REALLY hope this sounds good.

Edit: Checked the demos and yep, it does. Parallel drives work just how you would want them to as well, “stereoizing” a mono signal as each side reacts to the inputs differently. Plus 0-100% clean signal can be mixed in per side!

Imagine this on monosynths, drums, sample mangling…

Looks awesome. Also two 4 band parametric eqs! And if I got that right, it’s possible to midi map parameter using the Neuro App, hope that counts for hidden parameters as well…
That would mean since the pedal is a usb device, I could use my Mio4 and have full midi control from OT.

Sounds to good to be true? I’m not really familiar with how Source Audio’s whole Neuro App concept really works…

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I just nabbed the Aftershock on Reverb. All 3 of their distortion pedals can have the same distortions under the hood and knob functionality btw, so the differences are just superficial (similar to Neunaber pedals.) Will check the Neuro iOS app when it arrives, but looks promising.

Really dig how the toggle switch can be reconfigured to select between 3 custom presets, each with their own knob positions and Neuro parameters saved.

They have modulation pedals in this series too, so you could go full-on BoC in stereo. Also a spring reverb pedal (but can it load Ventris algos I wonder?) and a synth pedal under development.

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Hmm, maybe I was wrong about full midi control…I just played around with the android app and scanned thru the manual again -
It rather seems that only the four knobs, effect selector and on/off switch can be midi mapped.
If you midi map the effect selector switch, it’s possible to load the different fx types with a midi cc message.

So for all one series pedals, that don’t have din midi input the editor app is required if you want to edit the hidden parameters.
The larger two footswitch pedals with din midi input like the Nemesis feature extensive midi implementation.

The additional parameters available for the Aftershock from the neuro app are pretty crazy, though! Also I don’t think I’d need that much control in a live situation anyway, so I’d just use the Neuro Desktop Editor for recording.

Now that would be pretty amazing^^
I tried to find out using the android app, no luck so far, though.

I will be getting one of the modulation pedals also, will report back on the stereo swirliness.

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I own the Ventris and am continually blown away by it. I really hope they build this distortion pedal into a box with 5pin MIDI with full mappability (is that a word) and 128 prest slots. Would be a killer performance effect semi-sequenced via OT (that’s how I use the Ventris).

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