Sounds and Samples / Pool and +Drive - A Visual Aid

After reading the manual a bunch of times over and experimenting with the Digitakt, I realized a visual representation would help me understand it better. Also seeing a lot of topics over time that asked these similar questions made me create this in hoping it would answer a lot of the newbie questions. What’s a sample vs sound? What’s the sound pool? ETC.

Here’s the visual (clearly I’m not a graphic designer…) and I hope it helps.

Any feedback for changes is welcomed!


Nice explanation!!

Nice work, and is even a helpful reference/reminder to someone like me who has had some time with the Digitakt.

Nice work!

Should T2 have Sample C?

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No, I was only trying to illustrate what gets replaced when you use a sound lock. T2 is using Sample B in the project.

Guys how are you?

Let me try to summarize something for me and you and tell me if I’m wrong:

1 - All the SOUNDS in DT are actually altered SAMPLES. So a SAMPLE is always the root of a SOUND?

2 - If I want to bring a SAMPLE to the SOUNDPOOL I just copy it there and it becomes a SOUND even though it sounds the same?!

3 - Is this the reason why I don’t find any of my imported or factory SAMPLES neither in the SOUNDPOOL nor on the +DRIVE (A-H)?

4 - What do I do, if I want to put all of my imported TR-808 SAMPLES directly on the +DRIVE under i.e. category “G”?

Do I have some fundamental misunderstandings about all of this or do I get it slowly right?

Thanks to all of you and have a great day!


Hi @LukeKeywalker sorry about the delay in response - I stopped receiving notifications and have been away from the forum for a while.
To answer your questions.

  1. Yes the root of a sound is a sample.
  2. You cannot load a sample into the sound pool - this is for sounds only. Samples exist in RAM.
  3. Yes those are sound pool banks.
  4. You must import samples using the import function. Check the manual for the exact instructions (away from stuff atm).

Nicely presented I have to say.
I often have to “write (or draw) things down” to get a better view/idea. Old school :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
DT was (and still is) my first and only Elektron box.
Bought it 2 years ago and still enjoy it very much.
Never had issues with understanding it’s architecture apart from banks: this is still a bit of a mystery to me as I rarely use more than 1 per project.
My main thing about it would be to understand if the soundpool relates to a particular bank.