Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK (multitrack usb mixer)

Hi guys!
I have some problem. I want to send my loops from ableton to the mixer with usb cable. I can send them to all the mono channels (from ch1 to ch6), but the stereos (7/8 9/10 11/12) are not working. Have somebody idea? I would be really thankful

Hi ned,
Just to be sure, is the USB RTN switch under the gain knob turned on?


yeah :confused:

Have you tried routing your regular soundcard audio to these channels, not through live? For example listening some youtube video.


That was a good idea! I don’t know how, but now its working. Thanks a lot!


Been researching this for a while and wanted to ask here in case anyone has had any experiences with this mixer

What I need it for:

  • Run into it
    – most ind outs from AR MK1
    – the rest of the AR channels out as a stereo pair, plus the effects
    – the stereo out from my AK
    – a mic
  • Live mix everything
  • Be able to multitrack record live takes
  • Be able to mix recordings

I can accommodate to more or less channels, the whole point here is to use a tactile interface, no screens, and almost no computer

So, 'nauts:
1. Have you had any bad experiences with the Soundcraft Signature 12 mtk?
2. Have you used something similar that you would recommend over it?

I have the 12MTK… Ive had no problems with it… well a small one where the 5v USB output wouldn’t charge my phone! It does power a 5v light though.

Before I bought it I had my eye on the Alesis USB16 /USB8. they work in a similar way I think but I’m not sure Alesis still support those mixers so I veered away.

I’m thinking of selling the 12MTK as I haven’t used it for a while as I mainly use my laptop. If you’re interested and in the UK, DM me :+1:

thanks for the response
and thanks for the offer but im not in the uk nor europe

Does 22mtk allows post eq multitrack recording?

Yo, I use one if these.
Yes, it can do what you want. Multi ins recorded as separate tracks.
-the inputs are recorded pre - eq. So the tweaks you make during recording won’t be recorded.
If you want to use it for physical control of each channel while doing a mixdown, you have to route each track back through a track on the desk - so you can use the faders, eq and send FX - BUT this can only be recorded as a stereo out from the master buss.
I usually don’t bother with that process, it’s basically reamping to a stereo mix earlier in the process than I’d like, so I more or less use it as an interface with a nicer format most of the time.
I still like it. Preamps sound nice. Build quality is not top notch though. Not surprisingly given size /cost/features ratio.

That’s to bad, i was thinking to buy one for multitrack mixes recording , so i can fix mistakes later in editing process, but if its pre eq and fader than i don’t see the benefit of this mixer over usual multich interface at all.
is there anything like it that records POST eq and faders ?
i am watching Trevor Horn video, he says when digital recording came along, everybody recorded like it was analog tape, meaning with eq and everything. He recorded flat, no eq, adding eq after while monitoring .

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thanks For the info

Hey Guys! i just purchased the Soundcraft 12MTK . I’m having a very strange situation: i have a Roland boutique 09 and when i connect it the sound comes out at different volume leves,. For example: the bass sounds very low volume and the claps sounds great and clear. I listened with my headphones to check if it was a problem of the TR-09 but is not. Also tried another sound interface and it does works perfectly with it. So, must be as problem related with the Soundcraft .
Anyone has an idea what can be? i’m driving me crazy with this! Thank you!

Might be obvious, but have you checked the eq?

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Yes I have. Even I switched the input channels with the same result . I’m sure the TR-09 is working but there’s something on the Souncraft with it. My OT MkII works perfectly when I connected it .

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I know you checked with phones with phones output, but the main out is also stereo. Are you using a stereo cable, and going into a stereo channel?

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Looking at a picture of the Soundcraft 12MTK, it looks like channels 7/8 and 9/10 can take stereo. So does it do the same thing in both channels? If so, then try a different cable.

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Yeah they do take stereo. I tried channel 9/10 and same effect. Thought about the cable but the same cable worlds fine with my old sound interface. Will give it a shot and get another cable then…

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Thad’s a good point. I was using the same cable that used with my audio interface . So maybe i need a cable that splits stereo right/left for the channels 9/10 ! :slight_smile:

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Stereo input on those mixers requires two 1/4“ mono cables.
The odd numbered channels on the stereo inputs can be used with mono sources (if no connection is present at the other input jack).

Soundcraft 12 MTK has balanced line inputs.
Guess it will work with unbalanced connections as well (?), so you‘d have to get a 1/8“ stereo jack to dual 1/4“ mono jack cable for your TR-09.

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