Sound quality... am I crazy?

I’ve owned the DT for 2 years. I sold it. I just bought the M:S. Am I crazy or does this thing have better sound quality than the DT? I often felt the DT sounded like… well, like early Ableton Live. Big lows, sharp af highs, and a healthy scoop cut out of the mid. I dunno. I’m probably imagining things haha.

But yeah I played with the M:S this morning and could swear it just sounded better.


Yep… the sound is superb on these. I wish Elektron would manage to add this somehow to the Digiboxes… unlikely though…


I noticed this also!

They have the same sample engine, not sure how much the sound can really differ.

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i guess it’s just me then.

I’ve always wished that someone at Elektron could comment officially about the subtle differences in DSP and AD/DA between their sample-based devices and how they affect the character of the sound. I, too, have wondered if I’m completely crazy when it comes to OT vs DT vs M:S.


The Model:Samples have fixed compressor settings, so there’s slight compression at the end of the chain. If you don’t use the compressor on the DT you will have a different sound, but other than that it should be absolutely the same.


gotcha. well anyway it sounds lovely :slight_smile: quite happy with the buy!

What do you mean with early Ableton Live?

Filter and overdrive sound different to me.

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Live historically had a very specific sound. big resonant lows, tinny metallic highs and lots of mid missing. they started really fixing it with version 7 i think.

@Schnork sorry forgot to reply to you ^^

Never noticed that. Never heard about that. I started wit Live 4…

ooop, reply from simon incoming lol

FWIW i don’t use the stock sounds, i loaded 727 one-hits which i’ve used on both now.

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Correct, they have the exact same sample engine. The differences you might hear is depending on the control available and that leads to a perceived difference that doesn’t have anything to do with the underlying algorithm. Depends a lot on the quality of the samples you put in there too, of course - the factory samples on the M:S are a lot ‘dirtier’ and processed than the ones on the Digitakt which has lead to some people believing that the M:S sounds worse.

Sound is quite tricky at times, and little differences can have a big impact on how we perceive things on a grander scale. Just by changing the synthesis method (M:S vs M:C) people thought that the Reverb was different too - but that’s just about what is being fed into it. It’s an easy assumption to make, and quite interesting.

The Model:Samples does not have a compressor built in at all.


Thanks for the thorough response. Anyway I love the thing already!

you may have already commented on this elsewhere, but, as far as you’re aware, what kinds of factors in the development of the DT vs the OT contribute to the differences in their sonic quality? this assumption is going off of A/B test videos that I’ve seen playing back identical sound files with no FX. to me it’s always seemed that the high end is often more defined coming out of the DT, but maybe I’m crazy too.

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Thanks for the correction, I was pretty sure I read that somewhere, but I must have been wrong.

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I prefer the real (or perceived) difference in sound quality of the Model:Samples.

I noticed as well. Probably just the actual samples though.