Sound Pack: Super Glue for Digitakt

Super Glue brings the noise to your sample library. Literally. Enjoy this free all-purpose Sound Pack for Digitakt and other WAV-playing samplers.

The Elektron Team has captured their favorite shades of noise from all kinds of gear ready for you to sort through and find exactly what works for your composition. Revel in 79 different hisses, crackles, and statics ripped from varied radio frequencies, pedals, tape recorders, gained-up preamps, and more. Build a noisy ocean solely from the options themselves, or blend them in to be the lo-fi adhesive that holds together your track as rigidly or as loosely as you like.

While formatted for Digitakt, the sound files of this Sound Pack are also compatible with Octatrack, Analog Rytm, Model:Samples, and any other sampler that handles WAV files. This Sound Pack is a digital item. Detailed instructions on how to download the Sound Pack will be provided via email upon download.

Head here to download.




THis sounds awesome, but the zip file won’t uncompress for me :frowning_face:

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Lovely demos. Excellent! :pray:t2:

same, I cannot extract the files from the zip…


yeah, sadly i cant open the file either with 7zip or windows native explorer :frowning:

On MacOS, it doesn’t unzip with but I could successfully unzip it with MacOS’s native unzip command over Terminal.
It contents 14 “static” files and 19 “movement” files, each a 3 Mb / 30s .wav file.

[01 Static]
 - static 1.wav
 - static 2.wav
 - static 3.wav
 - static 6.wav
 - static 7.wav
 - static 10.wav
 - static 11.wav
 - static 12.wav
 - static 13.wav
 - static 14.wav
 - static 15.wav
 - static 16.wav
 - static 28.wav
 - static 29.wav
[03 Movement]
 - movement 1.wav
 - movement 2.wav
 - movement 3 .wav
 - movement 4.wav
 - movement 5.wav
 - movement 6.wav
 - movement 7.wav
 - movement 8.wav
 - movement 9.wav
 - movement 10.wav
 - movement 11.wav
 - movement 12.wav
 - movement 13.wav
 - movement 14.wav
 - movement 15.wav
 - movement 16.wav
 - movement 17.wav
 - movement 18.wav
 - movement 19.wav

File naming seems awkward though, like some file/folders are missing.


thanks Elektron team!

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does anyone know how to unpack the pack in windows?

I can smell that something is coming tomorrow (Wednesday).


After all these posts, I think Elektron is working on the issue.

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No problem on my side on windows using 7-zip.


me neither, I’m on a Mac

thanks, worked :slight_smile:

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Mac OS 12.6.7

Hi everyone, there is a problem with the zip file as a few of you have pointed out. For some people, you have been able to unzip but it is not the full pack. Thanks for letting us know.

We have temporarily removed the pack as we look into it, and rest assured the full gamut of noise will be available as soon as possible!



any update?

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I was able to download and unzip just now. Very cool noises!