Sound Pack: Soft Spoken for Syntakt

Just bought the EP, incredible stuff!

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Downloaded tonight … oh my gosh, this sound kit is sensational! Usually you get 10-15 awesome sounds in the bunch, but this is all pure greatness … thank you! :slight_smile:


Great sounds… I too am on the fence with my Syntakt still, my return window is closing…

These sound excellent but I can’t help think the Analog Four with all its limitations has a wider range of sounds.

As idyllically freeing as “machines” are I think they are quite limiting in their own ways, one parameter change seems to be adjusting multiple, hidden sub-parameters in specific ratios to change the sound, versus being able to modify the tiny details of the sound engine and each parameter.

I am new to sound packs and Syntakt is my first elektron machine. So are the 128 sounds added to the entire sound pool to choose from? Or are you restricted to only the 128 sounds if using a sound pack? Is there a detailed breakdown on digital and analog?

I plan on getting, but the purchase site is going bonkers during checkout right now …

@boboter ,possible Soft Spoken update now that there’s new included SY machines that would integrate perfectly in this sound pack?

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No clue, to be honest. I also haven‘t installed the update, yet.