Sound Pack: Amby for Model:Cycles

Whatever the weather, be sure to check out this new Sound Pack for the Model:Cycles. Superbly crafted by Elin Piel, these presets include a delightful downpour of tonal textures, crystalline percussion, and atmospheric effects. Like clouds you can touch, mold, and rearrange.

While instantly ready to use, the true potential of this collection lies in the delicate twisting of them into your very own. Of all these shades of ambience, what kind of Amby are you feeling today?

Download a free demo pack or purchase here.


Very nice, I like that it takes the Cycles in a slightly different direction.

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Elin Piel! How exciting – I’m a big fan of hers.

You can download a demo which has some of the presets. They do sound very nice! :+1:t5:

How do I get these onto my Cycles? Transfer only accepts sysex, and these are .mcpst files.

Had a look in the manual, but couldn’t find a solution. First time doing this, but a bit lost.

Edit: never mind. The Cycles needed an upgrade to work with Transfer 1.4

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Check what OS your cycles is on. I got one direct from Elektron from the recent sale and it turned out that it wasn’t on the newest OS. When I updated the OS, the transfer app worked better and showed the “explore” window in addition to just the syses-drop window. Once you have the explore window working on transfer you can just drag your patches over.

ALSO: these sounds are GREAT. Thankyou Ellen Piel! This is my favorite soundpack on any Elektron device so far. Would love to see Ellen take on some A4 or DN/DT packs.


Yeah, upgrading the firmware did the job.

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I went and bought the soundpack. Very nice! So many unique and inspiring sounds.

I’ve not heard of Elin Piel before but she has a new fan.

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Really dig this pack. Purchased today. I am new to the M:C and this is the vibe I mainly wanted it for…this set is a great springboard for that in my case.

Is that rhodes sound in the first demo song in this pack? I’ve been trying my but off to get a rhodes sound out of the chord machine and nothing I’ve made sounds as good as what’s in that song.