Sound is volatile

Very often the sound goes off on one or several tracks.

The only way to get sound back is to go to the editor and press FN+Yes and the sound comes back on that track.
It happened since i have the OT (a year or so) and on different projects. I’m on MKII 1.40A but it happened in the different firmwares i had.

I wonder if it happened to someone else as it tends to get on my nerves while working.

By “sound goes off” do you mean: off from the main outs and/or cue outs? You can set the headphones to monitor both at the same time in the mixer menu.

“goes off” under which circumstances? Should it really play (for example, with infinite hold)?

It’s really strange that triggering the preview to main outs (FN+yes) is all it needs to get it back. Never had or heard of such a behavior.

Nope. Plus when it happens, the FN+Yes doesn’t work in the slot list, no sound either.
The editor is the only option to get sound back on the track.

Sorry, I have edited my post above quite a bit to add some more questions.

Ive had this happen.
Not sure why, but I’m pretty sure its user error.
Clearing all page parameters fixes it.

If it is a user error why would it come back with having the sound played in the editor?

I can seem to be able to recreate it since it happens randomly: i’m playing a song, press stop to tweak something and one or more tracks don’t play sound as they are supposed to unless i play the sound in the editor.

It concerns the Main output since i have an FX return on the Cue. These tracks are not Cued.
Hard to know the circumstances apart maybe after pressing Stop.

Hmmm … any special sample settings in the AED (like QUANTIZED TRIG)?

On the track where it happened tonight, Quantized Trig is Direct.

So nothing unusual. Weird (especially that only previewing in the AED brings it back).

I tend to believe it comes from the hardware as it is a weird behavior that occured already several times across different projects and firmwares but we never know…

Yeah, I can’t think of anything which would trigger such a strange behavior. I guess it’s time for a support ticket to get the devs involved.

Another « bug »: the Prog knob in the Midi Note setup menu doesn’t display the value, i need to press Stop so the correct value appears. Not very practical. First time it happens though, maybe due to Firmware update.

I’m asking here since i can’t reproduce the thing, i thought developers would be helpless.

While a reproducible case is the best option for a dev, we (I’m a software dev myself) aren’t always that helpless especially when we know our codebase by heart … :wink:

But, of course, asking here is always a good first action.

I think i’m cursed: i can’t film the issue with the iPad, the video mode is not working anymore…
I must have offensed a ghost somehow…

Edit: actually, all knobs showed no change of values. I had to reboot the unit and now it is working.
I don’t know if i should also mention that to the developers, could be firmware related as it is the first it happens to me.

Does the problem occur with Static, Flex, both?
After Memory Settings change?

CC Out is not on EXT and i did not change memory settings before that happened.
I can’t tell if it happens on both Flex & Static but i’ll try to pay attention when it occurs again. Meanwhile i opened a ticket but their holidays start today until 11th of January.

Have you tried creating a new Project since the firmware upgrade?
Can you share the track parameters?

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Might be worth checking with “preview without fx” option in personalize menu to see if it makes a difference - do you currently have it checked or unchecked?

Also do you have any device connected to midi in on OT?

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