Sound in maschine


I bough maschine recentst. It has many cool new functions and is friendly to use.
Ungortunately it sounds weak. The filters suck, the delays are ugly and the reverb is boring.

But the main problem, even the synth and sampled dont sound very bright. It feels like a big difference with elektron, But Why?

Is it the soundcard? Does it only sound good when tweaking better, learning more about it?


I honestly don’t know. I use the built-in soundcard on my Mk3 and it sounds fine to me.

The built-in effects in Maschine are decent and usable, but also economical in terms of CPU usage. Luckily, it’s a fine plug-in host, so you can just add a high-end reverb or more interesting sounding delay easily. (Make sure to look into the aux routing options for how to set up send effects when you start doing this to keep CPU usage sane!)

The sampler sounds great to me, and the new real-time time stretching in the built-in audio plugin is surprisingly high quality imho.

I agree that the filter in the built-in sampler is not special, but I don’t think it is intended a such. Just add a plugin after it if you’re after a specific filter character instead of more transparant control.


I actually like the filters and what not, but I know what you mean about the kind of dull (not sharp) sound. I hear it. It’s probably a perception thing in my case. You just have to embrace it.

Maschine’s really f’n cool. The LOCK feature is great. Get a Jam and totally rock out. I imagine it’s just a matter of time before they allow us to record our jam sessions into their arranger.


I like Mascine a lot. If you have Reaktor then load that as an effects unit and use the blocks filters and reverbs. Also remember if you are sampling, that sampled audio needs to be normalised.


Maschine sounds fine.
Nothing wrong at all with its sound quality.
Yeah it sounds like you need to learn how to use it properly


What do I have to learn?
I understand the functions in it…
Do I need to do more with eq and comp. And filters, for mixing things?
With my electron I Just make music… I love the tools like soundlocks, I love the quick way to work… but my sounds are like the ‘edges of every sound are blurry’, when using maschine…

So I hope I can learn some things… i’d love to


How are you monitoring? Speakers? Headphones? What audio interface are you using? How are things connected? How is this different when you use Elektron boxes?


Adam a8x
The sound of maschine seems less sharp, individual sounds are not cutting through other sounds, the sounds seem weaker to me…

I use maschine mk3 audio interface

With elektron, I dont use a computer at all


Are you mostly using Maschine as a sampler?


Interesting point.

can you describe your sound shaping & mixing on Elektron ? (what elektron device we talking about)

can you describe your sound shaping & mixing on Maschine ? (do you try 16bits - 48kHz, 24 bits - 48kHz to compare if it can be between audio preferences and monitoring definition coming from that)

On elektron Maschine we are using a lot filters as a way of Mixing/Eqing… our sounds… if that’s what u do on Elektron maybe you need to find a pleasant filter to replace the maschine internal filter and tweak the sounds the same way…

Tone2 BiFilter2
Vengeance-Sound Philta XL
Cytomic The Drop
Sound Toys FilterFreak 2
FabFilter Volcano 2
Sugar Bytes WOW 2
Waves Metafilter


How are things connected? Are you going from the Mk3 LINE OUT outputs straight to the inputs on the ADAM A8Xs, or do you go through an analogue mixer first? How is this different when you monitor the Elektron(s) on your ADAM A8Xs?


At the moment I only have A4 mk2
I Just make music,
Dont focus on sound quality But I do use filters
It always sounds great

With the Digitakt everything also sounded good,
Maybe a little too clean But definitely fine


Output maschine straight in Adams
Output A4 mk2 also streight in adams


Do you tried to record an analog four + DT sequence inside Maschine… and both compare at the same level Maschine to your old way to do ?

It can be full sound, dynamics and brand tweaks stacks from multiple analog pieces of equipment VS everything through sound card in the digital domain and mixing ITB

I always use Maschine as a sketch tool and always export separated stems to go further in a real DAW next for construction and mixing. I don’t really think it’s from the soundcard… But comparing Cirrus Logic to RME or something like that… I guess there’s differences (more than only X amount of inputs/outputs)


Sounds like you may need to learn some mixing fundamentals.
My advice is to get on youtube or whatever and do as much research as possible on basic audio production.
There is absolutely nothing anyone can tell you here about this stuff that hasn’t been discussed a million times on the net.
First thing to do would be to read the maschine manual, then I am sure NI have heaps of great instructional maschine videos online.
They will describe this stuff much better than any of us can
Take it step by step.
You will find Maschine is really good when you work it out.


So elektron doesnt need this mixing to shine, and ni does?


This is my plan for tonight


on Elektron you mix (sculpting) the sound without to notice it, but you do that naturally… (by tweaking here and there…) when sound designing … you work your materials… so you need to work your materials also inside Maschine.


Great. So it’s clearly not an issue with the signal path or a case where headphone impedance results in a different sound. At least we can rule that out. :slight_smile:

Assuming you’re mostly using samples, here’s some advice:

  • Maschine doesn’t normalize samples automatically (like the Digitakt) does. It’s also velocity-sensitive by default. You might just be picking up on level differences making things sound less “punchy” to your ears. Normalize after sampling, and turn on “FIXED VEL” for stuff where you don’t want or need velocity sensitivity.
  • Gain staging in the digital domain can be tricky. Because digital clipping sounds so horridly, most digital audio tools add some kind of limiting on their outputs to keep things from getting out of control. Maschine has its default levels pretty hot (compared to let’s say Bitwig which has a lot of headroom by default). I’ve found that pulling all groups down -6Db in Maschine by default makes it much easier to mix things nicely. See


Yes Digital vs Analog is not the same approach to the sound. I agree
You have to make your own safety margin and then boost the signal
On analog everything can be great without taking care of a security margin… (RAW sounding)

At some point external Analog/Digital Mixers can be convenient with Hybrid setup