Sound browser preview issue with samples

When previewing a sound that uses a sample the sound browser is pretty much broken. It was confusing the hell out of me and I was at first thinking that I failed to save my one hour edit of “the perfect snare” to the +Drive.

The problem is that the sample slot number used when saving the sound from the track to the +Drive is the sample slot number used for previewing. So in a different project when previewing sounds you are very likely to either end up with a completely different sample playing or just silence if the sample slot is empty.

Elektron should do a little renovation on the Data Strcture. It doesn’t seem they thought this one through vis a vis samples.

I agree sample management is ill thought out. Needs a radical overhaul. Like why do I even need to even load samples into a soundpool first? Why not load from the +Drive into one of the 12 pads (and into RAM at the same time). That way my entire library is always at hand instead of a limited 128 sounds from it.

This doesn’t mean there couldn’t be a RAM pool of sounds to dip into… It’s just they shouldn’t affect the preset system which to me is the most important element to maintain.

The whole preset system is broken otherwise… Try loading a sample based preset when your audio pool is full - or preview a sample based preset like the OP points out.

I reported this to elektron almost 2 months ago and never got a response.