Sound Bank Organization and Preset Labels etc

Hey folks first post - hope you can help. Just finding may way around my Analog Four MKII - and am a little overwhelmed by the number of presets. I can see that there are labels on them but how do I filter them so, for example, I can just see all the sounds labelled “bass” or “lead” or “percussion” or whatever?

Sorry if it’s a dumb question but I can’t seem to find the button presses to filter a specific label in the sound manager menu when picking a preset for a track. (and there’s nearly 1000 loaded on my machine!)



P. 32 in the manual

Pressing the left arrow key in the sound browser or manager gives you access to the sorting and filtering menus

You can also jump banks A to P by pressing the corresponding trig keys

Thanks - somehow I missed that in the manual, d’oh!