Sonicware Liven Lofi 12

This looks really good. I had no idea it was coming.



Sonicware is odd…is there stuff any good? I usually try everything but never any of their stuff.

I haven’t tried anything from them. This is the first thing from them that I’m probably going to get when I have the money

4 seconds per sample?

For the price, looks nice. Will keep my eye on this.

Laid-back knob for creating drunk beats.

:roll_eyes: Kind of sick of people commodifying Dilla, but I guess nothing to stop it.



  • Sound Source: 16bit - 12kHz or 24kHz (switchable) linear PCM sampling (mono), Sampling up to 4 seconds per sample (12kHz) or 2 seconds per sample (24kHz)

  • 12bit Sampler mode

  • Various sample editing features

  • Maximum polyphony: 10 voices

  • 11 Track effects: Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Delay, Distortion, Bit Crusher, Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter, Isolator, Tilt EQ, Compressor

  • 8 Master effects: Hall Reverb, Room Reverb, Arena Reverb, Plate Reverb, Tunnel Reverb, Infinity Reverb, Cassette Tape Simulator, Vinyl Simulator

  • 128 sample memory slots (16 x 8 banks)

  • Sequencer: 4 tracks, up to 64 steps, 64 patterns, Swing

  • I/O : MIDI IN/OUT, SYNC IN/OUT, LINE IN/OUT , headphone out

  • Size : 11.7 inch (W) x 6.92 inch (D) x 1.89 inch (H), 297mm (W) x 176mm (D) x 48mm (H)

  • Weight : 1.74lb., 790g

  • Accessories: Overlay sheet for sound edit, Warranty

  • Power supply: AA batteries x 6, or 9V DC output AC adapter (1A or higher, EIAJ3 standard inner diameter 1.7mm outer diameter 4.75mm, center +)

*The AC adapter is not included.


Does anyone know if it resamples?

@xidnpnlss What if, in the peoples minds that developed it, it is an homage to Dilla? Who is correct in this situation?
You, or them? Perhaps both, or none?
I guess there are many ways to view the situation with no one having the monopoly on ‘correct’.

Just call it “pattern jitter/stutter”.

But I really don’t care that much.

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That is certainly one valid avenue of thought. Thanks for sharing. I like both ideas.

Drunk beats is the new dawless when it comes to trendy nonsense.

My beats often suck when I’m drunk, just saying.


Looks interesting, but only 4 seconds per sample? And of course, only mono samples. No one knows how to make a stereo sampler anymore.

See if your friend in the alley can hook you up with a 404MKII



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Kinda interesting to release this sampler right as their other sampler is coming out.

Seems interesting and a cheapish way to get possibly an SP-1200ish sound, or maybe because the coloring it’s going for an old school Akai sampler.


The design is OG MPC’s meets OP-1 meets OG Electron Dark Trinity meets Liven in a dance-off.


I thought the same thing. Probably would have purchased but 4 seconds seems quite lite. PO-33 has 40.

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I’m not looking too much into it cuz I’m not that interested (I have a S2400 and a PO-33 which takes care of that realm of sampling) but I’d assume 4 seconds is per track right? SP-1200 originally had like 10 seconds for the entire project and something like under 2 seconds a track or something like that and some really great music was made with it. (Edit: just to be clear, it’s 2.5 seconds per track and a total of 10 seconds per project on the SP-1200)

That said, it is 2022 and we have super powerful sampling apps on our phones so these cheap samplers are a much harder sale beyond a fun toy.


dilla didn’t invent it, he was just the one who re-popularized it here most recently, you could say that dilla was the first dilla wannabe

sample worthy