Song composer API

Whenever I listen to a new song I’m always interested in who wrote the music and the lyrics and then dig to find which other songs the author wrotes and for which artists.
I would like to write a simple web app that given a song it respond with the list of composers/authors.
The problem is, where do I find these information? Spotify API don’t have the authors info, Apple Music have some information about the authors but it’s not structured (it’s just a string) so it’s difficult to use that information to find other songs of the same author.
Do you know if there is a public database or an API that give those informations?

Would this help:

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Thank you @craig I’ve already look at them but none returns information about the composer of the song.
Poorly authors…none take care of them! :- :cry:


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Hmm, this is my last shot. This video has links in the description to publishing databases. Maybe one of those would work? If not, I’ll let someone else who knows what they’re talking about chip in to help you out :grinning:

Thank you. I will give a look!

Did a little search based off Craig’s link and found this PR about a joint database between ASCAP and BMI that mentions a ‘future’ planned interactive API.

As far as creating your own… to my knowledge there is no single source of truth for writing/composing credit information. I know Discogs offers that information with a free (I think) API. Gathering data from the multiple other sources would probably involve some creative and careful web scraping and schema construction, data cleaning, etc… Really cool project, but also a tall task!

That said, creating such an app using just might be a nice way to get your feet wet?

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