Something to keep Elektrons nearby at all times?

Anybody use one of these to make sure they always have a few Elektrons nearby?


Haha wtf, fair enough if you have problems carrying a backpack but it looks to be marketed to trendy rich people. "My trips to the farmers market will never be the same’

They don’t even have an R2D2 one :joy:

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what the…

I’m trying to have “an active lifestyle”


u want a robot following u around to carry ur gear!?

wow…that’s futurism right there…

is it folding out once u say so and everything is already setted up inside and powered by it, ready to jam?..and this robot, what’s his/her name…?

“…alisss, i’d whish to make some music”…
“ok, ayrick…(gentle mechanic humming while opening it’s shielding)…i hope u have a lot of lucky sonic accidents today…”
“…thank u, aliss…i hope so, too…”

ok…and next step is… brain to midi…straight away…tomorrow never knows…


I sure hope so! :sweat_smile:

Hah, you could take it busking with your Elektrons. I bet you can send it midi clock and it will dance in time and collect 40 pounds in cash!

Hmmm, this robot could pay for itself…

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That is absolutely bizzare

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And a drone hovering over my shoulder


The drone would be for placing the headphones on your head when you’re ready to make music. That way you don’t have to do it yourself.

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