SOMA Enner

He put in a good workout, but he seemed to focus on lower pitched tones - none of the shrieks and screams heard in Vlad’s performance. He also doesn’t use the electro-acoustic aspect at all, even though he’s got rubber bands and stuff on it.

Vlad extracts much more variation in pitch and tone here.


so far really liking the percussive stuff around 5:20. kinda awkward for the other two guys up there with him lol


Love the percussive stuff too! Just begs to be sampled into OT.

May also sample bits of the interview afterwards, heheh.


Vlad really should get an OT, he’s got to know how much it loves soma’s audio


Seems there’ll be an announcement about the enner tomorrow I believe?

Im a bit disappointed tbh! I thought Enner could be something more interesting than Lyra but it’s not. Ill pass :confused:
Lyra remains their best product imo

Yeah, but remember how you wrote off the Lyra before you tried it?

You’re right but i was rather to say critical and at the end i saw greatness in Lyra after imagining how I could play it/use it but even though Enner is interesting i can’t imagine it being more useful/interesting than Lyra too me.
Bandpass filters of Enner cooled me off the most …. I wish it had more chromatic/pitch manipulation options instead!

You said this about the Lyra:

What?! Is it true that you can’t play chromatic scales with an external keyboard or by sending cv to it otherwise?! If that’s true I’ll pass on it

Ok! In that case this must be the stupidest synth in the history of synths! I understand the appeal of unpredictability, that part is brilliant and i like that part but complete impossibility to control it (for the most important part in music - chromatic change) is a missed opportunity big time imo
What a shame! Missed opportunity is the name im gonna give to it. Missed to really be brilliant

…had potential in being a unique and powerful playable instrument! But it’s just too limited imo

My money is on you getting an Enner


Lol :joy: watching it from that angle I’ll probably buy at least too Enners!

I still think that Soma could’ve made it to be really genius; they missed many opportunities with it but i still love it for other reasons
Edit: also, i later realized that it’s possible to control Lyra more easily and precisely than it appears at first

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I think Vlad has done exactly what he intended. And his work is genius. Soma is his creation, and he can make what ever he wants, he doesnt have to appeal to everyone.

It wont appeal to everyone, and thats fine.

If you want chromatic pitch modulation, Soma isnt the brand for you.

Personally I love my Lyra, playing it is liberating. Sometimes I dont want to think about scales, or intervals, or cycles of fifths, or traditional synth architecture blah blah. I just want sound.


Me too! The problem is that i can’t always achieve the pitch that i want and that ruins it for me sometimes. It’s not an electronic violin, after all! So it’s ok, but it could’ve easily be much better. It’s a shame really because i like the concept, it’s a fresh approach to electronic instruments

To be honest, i have a problem with understanding why people say things like this - And i see it often on this forum. Or maybe i do understand it! Dunno
Especially the part that “he can make what ever he wants, he doesnt have to appeal to everyone” is what bothers me. I agree that things can’t be perfect, nor they should be, but are we not allowed to talk about things we love more or less (or hate) regarding sound/hardware design/playability/ergonomics of instruments we buy or could potentially spend our hard earned money on? Because “he doesnt have to appeal to everyone” sounds exactly like that to me. I mean, who said he should? And like everything is either black or white… life is and should be gray. If i hate some aspects of a synth that doesn’t mean that I don’t use that synth or that is a complete disappointment… i hope I’m not alone in this


This product demo is basically my mind.




vlad lives exactly where I thought he would


I really like this demo for the percussive stuff, can imagine jamming out with the Enner and using the recordings as backbones to tracks. Really expressive and strange instrument. Still not sure about the interface but I like how they aren’t sticking to one design across their range, they’re allowing each instrument its own unique visual identity. I’m all for this thing. If I had the space and money I would have everything this company puts out, it’s all so interesting.


Eh, checked out some of the promo and seems like an introductory device for people wanting to get into noise. You can achieve everything Enner does with a contact mic, some FX pedals and any analog monosynth, really. The price point is nice, I’ll give them that but other than the price this device offers very little except giving you some staple noise instruments in one box.

I bet like most Soma products, it has a pretty distinctive sonic character, which in my opinion isn’t something you’d want for experimental music.


That reminds me of experimental turntablism. I think this would be great as part of a dj team with turntables and some fx and visuals. I’d love one


I think that’s the point though.
This is basically exactly that, but all in one box that is designed around performance and interaction. You’re obviously going to interact with this very differently to how you would a contact mic, a synth and a bunch of pedals, and I think that was basically the original brief when he designed the first prototype for SiSTOR.

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Makes me think, at some level, of the Landscape Stereo Field

About the same format, they would compliment each other pretty well.