[Solved]Windows 10 usb driver of Arytm mk1 not installing correctly anymore


I dont know why but suddenly my Arytm mk1 cannot be accessed via usb to for example use the transfer app to transfer samples.

The usb device is not installing right. The device manager sais usb driver failure.
After deinstalling the unknown usb device. Power off and on the rytm again. The same issue happens.

I tried to deinstall all old and damaged drivers but after that the same failure pops up.

Where can I get the working usb driver for my analog rytm mk1? I think elektron does not made them downloadable?

Some of you got the same problems?

I am on Overbridge 2.0 and beta os of rytm. But that might be more a win 10 issue than overbidge or what do you think?
Thanks a lot for any help.


Try removing the device from the device manager and also ticking the “remove driver” box. If that doesn’t work try the OB uninstaller and if that also fails you might have to go nuclear* on removing anything OB related thats still lingering about after the previous steps.

* Some tools exist to clean out drivers, they’re free but hopefully it won’t be needed as it can be a lot of work getting things up and running again if you end removing a lot of drivers :sweat_smile:


Is the transfer app able to work with the OB2 drivers (when Rytm is set to Overbridge mode)? I’ll guess the Windows 10 usb drivers don’t recognize the Rytm in Overbridge mode, so they don’t install.

I would disconnect the Rytm, set it back to USB midi mode and reconnect it again.


I reconnected the rytm several times and the driver didnt installed right. Than I asked Windows Help and tada it said do a restart. After that everything works right again.

I dont understand why because I did a lot of restarts and driver deinstallation. But now it is working fine and I hope so in the future.