SOLVED: Logic Pro X - Digitakt installing itself as the audio interface

I’ve done something stupid and am hoping someone on here can help.

I was setting up a template in Logic and powered on my Digitakt with Logic open. I get a pop-up on screen stating the Digitakt wanted to use Core Audio, or words to that effect. I assumed I needed to select “Yes” to this, and - crucially - I also ticked “Do not ask again for this device”.

Now, after about an hour of trying to work out why I could get no sound out of Logic, I’ve realised this has set the Digitakt as my in/out audio interface, instead of my UAD Apollo as normal.

It’s easy enough to change it back to the Apollo, but I do not want to have to do this every time I happen to switch on the Digitakt while Logic is open. Does anyone know how I can get the pop-up back which I previously ticked “Do not ask again…”, so that I can select “NO” and then tick Do not ask again.

This is driving me mad.

EDIT: Immediately after posting I finally found the answer.

Allows previously selected “do not show again” boxes to be re-set.

Will leave this here in case useful for anyone else.