(Solved) Can’t update my Monomachine OS

Ok so I’m trying to update the Monomachine OS to 1.32B without success.

I’m doing it with the help of the C6 software but I’m missing something as the last time I update this machine was a long long time ago.

I don’t have the TM1 midi

Tried with 2 midi cables didn’t work .
Tried with a usb - midi didn’t work to

Any help here ?


Try Sysex Librarian instead of C6.
Try setting a delay between packets in settings.

Be sure you have your USB midi out going to mnm midi in.

Your the man , hats off to you mate !

Manny thanks


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i almost had a heart attack when i saw the title :hm:


absolutely, maybe the title should be changed to avoid others from having to go through the same emotions?

“can’t update monomachine” maybe ? :thinking: