Solutions to octatrack banks missing tempo

Hi. I’ve got an octatrack a few days ago and I’d like to use it in a band contest.

To my surprise, I realize that there is no way to store the tempo of the “songs” or banks. Is this correct? So the only way to get the octa to play the songs in tempo is midi sync or change it by hand, correct?

I’d appreciate if some more experienced user than me could confirm this.

Since I don’t want to change the tempo by hand(too inconvenient) the only thing I can do is sync the octa via midi, no? Any other ideas?


Tempo is indeed not saved in a pattern or bank. But… there are a few workarounds i use:

  • Use the arrangers, you can set a tempo on every row if you like.
  • What i do often is renaming part 1 (or the part you use at the start of a “song”) with my BPM as a reminder, still i have to set the tempo by hand.

Also, what do you think of this idea?

For every song I press a switch in a midi footcontroller to change the preset in an Axe FX II (a guitar preamp). So I was thinking I could have a midi device that sends clock to the octatrack. And this device should change the tempo for every song (every time I change preset in the midi footcontroller).

Problem is that i don’t know any device that can do that.

What do you think of that? It can be done?

Thanks for your time

When you hold [Function] while changing tempo, the tempo won’t change until you release the [Function] button.

Makes it easier to get the tempo change right.


Thanks for your response.

The arranger… not doable for my needs.
The other solution you propose is what I’m trying to avoid.

For example Digitakt can have BPM set for each pattern.
IIRC Digitone as well.
With Digitakt as clock master, OT would follow tempo.
Also other possible solutions, but why can’t you use Arranger or manually change tempo?

Edit, Analog Rytm, Analog Four/Keys have BPM per pattern with recent firmware.
You only have the Octatrack?


You can set to LOOP a row (or more) and with a few button presses you can go to next row (which can LOOP also), with other BPM.

Problem is that i don’t know any device that can do that.

Maybe a midi processor? Or as @Schnork mentioned, another groovebox as master.

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Wow, thanks people, many answers so fast.

As I understand(I might be wrong) the arranger can arrange only patterns, not banks. But I have to study more the arranger.

And yes the octa is my only elektron box, and will be for a long time as I not rich.

Tempo is defined by clock tics frequency. OT’s arp notes can be mapped to ticks > clock. I already did it, but not with midi loopback!:loopy:. Probably nightmarish to set a new tempo with arp…it can be funny! :content:

I’d use arranger, another gear should work nicely too!


Arranger has 256 row for each arrangement slot, 8 slots per project.
All patterns from all banks in a project can be arranged.
You can set bpm per row, also transpose midi tracks, mute audio/midi tracks, select scenes, offset pattern start, set pattern length, write notes, all that per row.
Each row can repeat x times, can loop, you can jump around the arranger with jump to row command and there’s a halt command to stop automatically stop at any row, some other stuff as well.

But you can also use arranger only for tempo.
Set rows to loop and instead of changing patterns with pattern button, you change patterns in arranger but with automated tempo for each pattern :slight_smile:


And you can jump manually between looped songs with arrows and Yes. Songs can be named (REM(inder) row).


Ok. Definitely I have to know the arranger more in deep. And maybe I can do what I want. Thanks


Btw, editing in arranger is faster when you use button combinations instead of dialing in everything with the level encoder.
On the pattern column, you can put in any pattern with [Pattern Button] + [Trig Key 1-16], on the scene column you can put in scenes with [Scene Button] + [Trig Keys 1-16]


Very useful tip. Thanks

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