Solutions for implementing "Song Mode"

I’ve only had it for a week now and I love this thing. I initially got it to be a basic drum machine for practicing with, some simple sampling - nothing complicated. After playing around with the MIDI sequencing, I realized I could use this as a full fledged “brain” for live performances and allow me to pursue my solo project.

I understand how easy it is to switch patterns but my main instrument is bass guitar which means I’ll have two hands occupied at all times.

I know “Song Mode” isn’t a feature of the Digitakt but something like this would be essential to taking my music to the next level and I’m looking for a solution.

I initially thought of a MIDI foot controller to change patterns - since it doesn’t actually switch until the first pattern is finished playing, this leaves me some leeway to switch when it’s convenient within the pattern. Though I do think this takes some mental energy when performing.

I’ve also seen some people recommend syncing it up with another piece of Elektron gear like the AR which while works is very expensive to get for such a simple feature.

Is there maybe a way I can do this in Ableton? I run all my synths through there anyway to route my MIDI over USB so if there’s a simple way that would work?

Thanks for any advice!

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Few suggestions here. I’m confident a bit of digging around with the forum search would get you even more work-arounds.

I’ve already come across this thread. Didn’t see much useful other than to return my Digitakt and get something else.

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Generative, mutating pattern chains I think this might be my best option to make the last step a program change and change the trig condition (like 1:4 for a 4 bar section)…


You should be able to create a “song mode” using anything that can send program changes, ableton included. IThe only problem you would run into is the program change bug which currently affect the digitakt in which the digitakt changes patterns a bar late.


Guess I’ll play around with Ableton. I need to figure out how to sequence the program changes. Thanks! I trust this bug should be fixed in the future…

too many issues reported of freezing/crashing in attempting that to trust it to a performance

I have exactly the same problem. I mostly sing and play guitar on top of my beats. A song mode would help me along a great deal. So +1 for the “song mode”.

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Song mode yes! I want to play more guiter live


Yeah I gave up and sold the DT. Didn’t look like the feature was coming out anytime soon…

Ableton is so much better for structured pieces.


It really makes zero sense to me leaving song mode off of a $700+ synth or drum machine. All of the $200 drum machines that I bought twenty years ago had a song mode. People can choose not to use it if they like, but at least put it in there for the people who will. Elektron would sell more of their units if they did.


It’s purposely not there to sell you another Elektron box with Song Mode which will be missing one other key feature which was purposely missing to sell you another Elektron box which will be missing one other key feature which was purposely missing to sell you another Elektron box…

Elektron has left a really sour taste in my mouth and this is definitely the wrong website to be ranting about this…


My suggestion is to use one of these old $200 drummachines, they sound just like what you are looking for and with a large finacial saving too.

Yeah, cause asking for a songmode on a $700 box is unreasonable.


one option is to use another box to be your song master have the DT follow along with what patterns are being played…that’s currently how i’m doing it with the monomachine.

the monomachine fires pattern C1 and the DT follows suit. it’s not perfect because the DT won’t change patterns until its pattern has hit its change LEN.

ideally, i would really like a direct jump option like on the Rytm so that the DT could follow each pattern change immediately.

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Use a Midi cable from OUT to IN. Then use a DT midi track to PLock at the end of the pattern a program change message to the desired new pattern. Make sure DT is sending and receiving program change messages.

Not tested until I get one!

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yes, but that’s not much of a solution especially if you’re having to use the INs/OUTs of the DT for other gear.

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Use a midithru box, I think :slight_smile:

i suppose that might work for some, but not others.

i’ve resorted to using the MM to trigger patterns on the DT which seems to be working well albeit it’d be nicer if there were a direct jump option similar to the AR.