Solid State Logic six compact mixer


I might even rack it to save precious desktop space, even though I havent seen the rackears available yet anywhere


The shop said there were none available as yet. I decided to reattach the sides for now because the ch1 pots and main slider feel precariously damage prone when moving the unit about.

Just had a quick D&B session, but gotta pack it in till the weekend. Proper recording test ahead.


In this post I describe how I setup my AH, FX and Mackie 1642VLZ4 mixer to be able to choose which instruments go through what without unplugging any cables: Where are the mixers with Stereo Aux Sends?


IWow, sounds like quite the setup!

This is definitely the mixer I’m looking for (maybe even more complex than I need, to be frank), but I can’t go for it at this price. Especially since I’d still need a proper audio interface if I want to run into a computer. I’m still too much of a hobbyist / amateur. Though, if this hobby gets more serious (and I get more skilled), this mixer is really packed with features and would be high on my list. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the tunes and watch videos about it.

Edit: on sale from a couple shops on reverb for their Independence Day sale (15% off!)


uh oh…$1275!


Super Analogue…do it. Just kidding


There is also a retailer selling it bundled with $300 worth of Mogami I/O. That’s the route I went.


Definitely not cost competitive with other options, but I surrendered when my engineer mate pointed out my folly at putting premium synths and my bass rig through a much cheaper Yamaha. As he said, you don’t run an F1 car on the same tyres you’d have on your Granny’s old Datsun 1600.
And he reckons my home recordings are usually shit.


I can’t afford this, or I’d jump on it, but there’s a B-stock unit for sale on Reverb, with 15% off for their 4th of July sale, so a paltry $1189 this weekend.


thanks for the tip, i send them an offer for it


Does anyone use it as an analog summing box e.g. runing 4 Stereo stems out of the DAW into the ssl and then record the main out back into the DAW? How does it sounds, also compared to a let´s say Allen & Heath or a Midas? I alwayes eyeing on an analog summer box but wondering how much difference it makes to Logic Pro X in 64bit summing mode in 96khz :smiley: And speaking of ananlog summing, there is the spl mixdream for a little less money.


A big difference with other summing options is in workflow(100mm faders) and dynamics options, besides the basic hiq summing you get channel and masterbus compression. Those are options you really want to have at the mixdown stage as thats where the mix gets glued together. So thats an argument for the SiX before even talking about headroom and soundquality compared to other summing options or itb.


The only reason to use analog summing is the same as analog mixing: work flow and character, both very subjective. It does not improve the sound quality in any measurable way. That doesn’t mean it is not important, music is experienced subjectively :headphones::star_struck:
24 bit digital has a higher headroom (124dB) than all but the very finest analog gear (ssl and the like). Buying high quality analog synths, recording them with high quality converters in 24 bit and then summing it all through an analog a&h mixer is bit like having a filet mingion with ketchup.


Alright here we go! I got one coming my way thanks to this thread, reviews, conversations with my friend who mixes for a living etc! Whoa. Generally excited to have a pro mixer, looking forward mostly to the super analogue ins for vocals and acoustic guitar but also very interested about the results from analog summing on mixes. Woohoo. Thanks for the fun and inspiring conversations in this thread.



Would love to here a jam out of this set up


Not to be that guy but the Neve 8078 had 129Db of headroom. It’s all love though.


This is my point exactly, your final mix in the end is probably a 24 bit digital file. You would need a Neve or an SSL for an analog summing device to not decrease you headroom. For the 99% this means staying digital is technically_emphasized text_ better. That is just the dry figure before one makes a personal decision based on taste. Vinyl has a dynamic range of about 77 dB, CD is 96 dB, I still prefer vinyl for most types of music.


Ok masters of the master mix,

I’m new to db25 connectors. Can someone recommend a db25 that would likely be ideal for the ssl six? Thanks so much!

Here’s the pin layout etc:


You got a patch bay already ?


I went with Rapco Horizon hand soldered. Standard (tascam) pinout. Neutrik connectors and 3ft, $65.