Soft sound packs

Cleaned up a lot of sounds i don’t like from the stock and free soundpacks in the a4. Any guidance on packs containing more vintage/softer sounds. Sparkly stuff, rolandesque (not distorted 303 though) etc? Not a fan of the Dark and agressive patches.

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in that order.

(OVRDrive certainly has some dark and aggressive patches but plenty of smooth stuff as well, check out the vid)

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hey thanks! quick and concise. lemme check out

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1991 is very, very good.

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This is a solid list. I totally neglected “NextLevel.”

Cenk did a great job with the demos for my soundpack, “1991.”

If you’d like a further demonstration, here’s about 20 minutes more:


this guy have the best soundpacks!

damn, that first demo on Next Level brings the feels

soz 4 the necro

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