So my Digitakt was hanging out with Bitwigs Poly Grid

And this is how the night ended…

Its all love!


wow very cool! mind going over your setup / process?

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The Grid is lovely, isn’t it?


I would love too, I’ll explain -Beat 18-. Kind of similar process on the others too… not sure how basic you want me to go but please feel free to drop questions for further explanations.

In Bitwig I use Poly Grid, it’s a new feature since version 3, their approach to modular synthesis if you will. So I open that, kill the default preset, and throw in a couple of modules, it’s a pretty simple patch really, a few oscillators, a few gates, some filtering, some pitches, a little modulation and what not.

Step 2, I send the poly grid patch to Valhalla delay, in there I’ve made a preset that acts as a little lush full reverb that rises incoming audio and pitches one octave up. How much delay/reverb is freestyled by knob tweaking via my launchcontrol xl from novation. A great little midi controller.

Step 3. The Digitakt, throwing in some kits into a project, midi sync with Bitwig, Overbridge software.

Then I record everything, max 1-2 takes, not striving for perfection, accepting the mistakes, :slight_smile: it’s just YouTube man.

Video recording process is simple too: Digitakt via Overbridge via Bitwig with the patch and synths, then from Bitwig via Jack audio to OBS studio, as a web cam I use a connected iPhone and an app called -shoot- to get that full screen web cam via iPhone.

I would say the only time consuming process is the modular patch in Bitwig, but building patches with Poly Grid is a little like meditation so it’s a joyful process. And how smooth it is to sync it to the Digitakt is a huge plus! Pure happiness!

After all, pretty simple stuff right!? Anyone can do it!


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It is, it really is.

I wonder how bitwig 3 would work with dn

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Lovely I say, going for the tone soon.

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Very nice tracks! My favorite is beat#20, I think it had the best drum sounds, rythms and melodies overall. Looks really fun, too!

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Wow! Humbled you wrote here! I’m a huuugeee fan of your Digitakt / Digitone tutorials and creations! Thank YOU Eaves!

Have you tried bitwigs poly grid?

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Haha, thank you very much man :smiley: A friend of mine uses Bitwig and I tried it a little bit, though it was in a cabin on a small laptop with one earbud for each of us in a noisy family gathering. I haven’t tried poly grid though, but just by looking at it it seems like they are tiny modules each running their own sequencer or something? It looks very cool.

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Haha! That’s such a fun way to be introduced to Bitwig, cabin and loud family gathering, lol!

Yeah, a bunch of modules is what is it, Bitwigs approach to virtual modular rack world. Did a SpaceCake recently:

Need to sync it with Digitakt more, works smooth and they seem to love each other.

Good night Eaves!

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On the surface bitwig looks like the perfect marriage of piano roll DAW and virtual modular environments like vcv-rack or cherry audio, but I’m on the fence buying a license. How does the grid hold up to other modular software in your opinion?



Good question! I’ve used Reaktor for years and years, and VCV since way back too, like version 0.1. Poly Grid is pretty new. But I’ve built a lot with it already, a few examples on my YT channel. In a way I’m not so into comparing things, cause they all kinda “fit” and they all have their role to play. However, recently and in the state I’m in at the moment I tend to use Reaktor the least, and Poly Grid the most, and with VCV I feel a little guilt that I ‘should’ spend more time with it cause it’s so awesome.

That said I love the poly grid, beyond words, it’s always inspiring, and Bigwig overall is such a beautiful daw. Poly Grid feels so -space-. I love the look, the sound, the modules, the logic, the modulators, the phaseing, the structure… I could just keep on. As far as pure sequencer my favorite is Renoise thou.

Man there’s just to much out there! You should try the demo!

I don’t know if just made you more confused… hehe!


I found this video helps frame that question.


The Serial Clipper (in red) :ghost:

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Not sure. I gotta check out the demo then. lol

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Ooo Valhalla delay, you have my dream daw and vst

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I got bitwig!! Trying to figure Overbridge and the audio tracks… I want to run the dn through the fx grid