So, I think I have a HPF stuck in my ear

I just discovered something. I seem to have a different frequency response in my left and right ear.

I noticed that one side felt different/louder, so tried panning a Minitaur droning note left and right… At first I thought it was the headphone out on my old Mackie 1604. But I recorded the headphone out of the mixer into audacity, while turning the panning knob on the mixer back and forth. And when listening, i realised that it sounded the same, whilst looking at the L and R waveforms, they looked like mirror images.

So I swapped the headphones around (the L can on right ear etc) - and the experience was the same, i.e. bottom end gone on my right ear! Maybe this is a known thing? Hadn’t noticed it before. Any others with that experience? chances it can improve?

How old are you? Its normal to have some difference. If it bothers you , you can get a hearing test. These can be free depending where you live and how much your government likes its citizens.

We naturally loose high frequencies first, then lows.

Getting your ears dry cleaned can work wonders, see an ENT specialist for that.


@Microtribe thanks :slight_smile: good tips… mid-40s here…

also seems like volume overall is a bit lower on my right ear. Not sure yet how much it bothers me, was just shocked to find it.

I have one in both ears. Its old age (and too many hours in rehearsal rooms) in my case. Its also why my eyes don’t work. The old age bit, not the rehearsal rooms.