Slices across the keys

I was loading the samples from here and following the tutorial and got to the slice grid and created that but he makes reference to the trig keys turning green and beeing able to play slice 1 on t1 slice 2 by pressing t2 and so on upto t16, thats the bit that I cannot see how to do.

– Now the Trigs should eliminate green, each trig 1-16 will trigger the Moog Bass samples/slices 1-16 accordingly.

Ive missed something somewhere.

Hi pb21,

You got to change your trig mode on the track where you’ve loaded the chain.


Then you can get into Slice mode and you should see the LEDs and trigs behave as expected. Swapping between TRIG modes can be very handy cool thing to learn, my mind was blown when I figured it out on the OT. It still is…


The manual is a bit opaque on certain topics, but it does cover the basic functionality rather well. Page 82 onward gives you a good idea about what trig modes do and why.

Hi pb21

I strongly recommend reading the manual start to finish after turning the OT off tonight.

Vids will only give you so much info as quite often the creator assumes a knowledge base so you’ll miss little details, reading the manual will point you to places the vids won’t and you’ll be like where the hell is that? Turn it in and boom.

Well worth it mate

I picked up on the TRIG modes watching OT videos, probably Dataline, then reinforced in the manual… how the hell did he do that? :joy:

Ive been reading it, constantly, I even went to the trig mode with function and down but missed the arrow showing more options.

Its me being a dork.

and reading and forgetting.

Glad you got it working though, let me know how you like the Moog sample chains. With OctaChainer 1.2 it’s even easier to make SampleChains for Elektron devices.