Slaves Digitakt (& Monomachine) Instant Program Change reception

I found a solution to send instant Program Changes to Digitakt and Monomachine, after one week of nervous breakdown. Program change on a slave digitakt is a major issue for everyone…

The trick is that It only works as expander, Transport OFF (the internal sequencer don’t run).
Otherwise you have to wait for the end of the pattern for the program change to execute. From a RS 7000, a Pyramid or a OT or a AR or a MPC, a master Midi Track should be dedicated to that Program Change send, and the slave machine set on Prog Chg in, same number.

About the Transport and sync PLAY mode … As master sequencers, the octatrack and the Analog Rytm are builded with the proper Run options (you don’t have to wait for the end of the loop). I don’t know how they behave as slave machines, if it follows accordingly the restart of a sequence of an other sequencer.

For a slave Monomachine, sometimes the transport still starts for no reason, even transport receive off, but it works. I also have to desactivate the sync send on the Pyramid.
The Digitakt accepts sync send ; cool for delays and LFO’s sync).

Then, by switching patterns or SEQs on the master sequencer, the Programs and sound banks on the slave machines are changing INSTANTLY everywhere, even without pressing PLAY. It responds. If you have sequencers that allows these radical patterns switchs, your DT or MM can finally follow. Sometimes this is precisely that switch between 2 Programs that really makes the Programm Change work. It caqn be confusing if you set only one program change and it doesn’t respond. It has to be at least to, and alternate.

Finally, you can organise your live act without having flying papers everywhere, patterns numbers copy paste in Banks to have everything in line, very boring and time consuming.