Sidstation in 2021?

Cheers! Got an offer for a Sidstation for a horribly high price. Not sure, if it would add any value to my current set.

Moreover: Display values appear after turning the knob (bug?).

Any opinions on a Sidstation in 2021?



Horribly high price … I’d give it a miss

There are other Sid options … therapsid are at least still in production
You could probably buy a c64,monitor and messiah cartridge too.

Two much Space required for the C64 Option. Therapsid is an emulation like on MnM?

Even better, you can source your own SID for it, I think it’s compatible with pretty much any of them.

Seems to be discontinued…, :expressionless:

It’s a magical box but I’d probably give it a miss. Trying to fit more than a decade old digital device into your workflow would be much more painful. You can get a therapsid and put your own sid chip in it. and it’s a recent one so less pain when controlling it with ableton, a4, minilogue etc.

If it wasn’t a digital device I wouldn’t even reply but digital devices can get a bit tiresome with newer machines.

My two cents ofc.

The SID chips go bad as well, there’s a good chance you’d end up replacing it with an FPGA clone or something.

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This One?

If you get your own SID chips and send them to Twisted Electrons they will put them in the TherapSid. It was discontinued only because they ran out of sid chips.

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