Show your disgusting gear

Inspired by real life events and circumstances.
Show us your disgusting gear only a mother/synth addict could love.

I’ll kick things off:

The only thing I’ve ever owned as dirty as that was a “Preloved” copy of Razzle I found in a hedge in 1994.


Why did people used to wank in hedges and what changed?

Maybe it was kids who couldn’t keep them at home, couldn’t be adults sitting wanking in bushes surely? Often these bushes were near parks or where kids hung out so I’m hoping it was other kids and not some jimmy saville cracking one while I hung upside down on the swings.

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Thanks for making me think of bushwankers more than I care to lol. We used to find loads of porno mags in bushes around or at my school’s playground and football field when I was a kid. Never thought about it beyond your usual found treasure reaction.

Used to find lots of discarded tools like hammers and saws as well for some reason. I always brought those home to mom.

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Kids these days just don’t have the same treasures on their doorsteps.

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Me dad wants it back please.



We used to call such locations as “libraries”when I was at school…

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I love how this went from a ever so slightly wouldnt really even call it grubby octatrack, to bushwanking in one post.


10th post in and still talking about wanking and nothing to do with grubby gear.
Priorities I guess?


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