Should Elektron have a High End Machine?

I guess its all relative. But there is a market around £2000-£4000.

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… what is often called a flagship, often with a larger screen, and a keyboard, and an extensive control surface, and many features pulled together into a complete whole.

This may not be the sort of thing Elektron has done – though no reason they couldn’t. They certainly have all the elements, and have gone towards this edge. It would be new territory for them.

But this market is really small.

… but still profitable, and quite viable.

but is the model line the one that needs a flagship?

I think Elektron heard us … we loved the Digi-formfactor so much that it will be at least one more device like this. And then hopefully something like Iridium/Hydra with granular and 32 voices. I mean… the ARM architecture makes it possible now even more…


They are already high end models.

+1 for Elektron ASR10

Well Sabana can clarify if he means a £2000-£4000 Model : Expensive, or if means a £2000-£4000 Elektron model. Scanning through the thread again, i read this as generally a discussion of the later. That is what i posted about.

A £2000-£4000 Model : Expensive, in the same plastic format, i find hard to picture other than as a joke.

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Not as much for a large company to invest in.

It’s more the domain of much smaller and more nimble companies.

When I need support from a company who charges that much, I always end up exchanging emails with the president/lead engineer (not out of intentionally going straight to the top, but because of the flatter hierarchy.)

Now, ala Moog, Elektron does have “flagship” devices which have r&d gains to apply to cheaper derivative products, but i don’t think those are the same as “spare no expense high end” models.

Then it’s just a matter of time before this thread gets folded into the What’s next for Elektron thread that’s been chugging along for 8 years, absorbing smaller threads like a bloated amoeba.

Also I do hope some of the meme artists around here make a mockup of a model:expensive, it’s got great joke potential.

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Correct. I would laugh at a high end model. Never thought poeple would assume that. Ill change the title

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I hope it wont be what next. As this is just aiming at the very high end market. Which they are yet to deliver on. Heres hoping.


Meh, personally I prefer the larger machines, find digis a bit cramped and limited in comparison, still awesome though.


I definitely feel the need for something the size of an octatrack that could be used like a DAW in a box, performance device, and usb audio interface/mixer. Why not the OT? Well I have one and it’s almost there but the USB functionality and RAM specs seem behind the curve when compared to other samplers like the new SP-404 or MPC line. Also, now that I have tasted the nectar of overbridge I want more of it and I want it with something like but more powerful than the OT. I don’t know what more I would want for 4k though, maybe cv outs and mic preamps?

I’d say that’s my 2 cents, but I’d definitely pay 2-4k for such a device.

No need for a new mockup.

“The devil is in the d҈e̸t̵a҈i̶l̸s̸ converters”

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AR+A4/K+OT pretty much defines high end, all in the foot print of five octave keyboard. Rack it with obligatory wooden end cheese.

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I hope the next one will be a big not a digi box.
I mean digi make some compromises on « KIT », and for me when you make a song, it’s good to keep the same sound when you change pattern.

I would be definitely fine with a 16 voice VA like they have done with the MD.
But which can do drum and synth with sound lock :slight_smile:

I admire your optimism.

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We’ll see…