Shortcut to load a sound



With the A4, it is very simple to quickly load a sound, just double tap the track button.

I found that I can quickly save a sound with AR by doing Yes+Mute but I did not find how to quickly load a sound. Is there a shortcut for that?

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Obviously I search for it for days, and 5 seconds after posting here I find the solution:

  1. Select a track
  2. Double tap the [track] button (not the pad).


sometimes that’s all it takes. i do this to myself frequently


Wow, four years with the thing and I just learned something new!


fwiw I think we’re at a stage now where we may need to qualify the Machine version and OS

This is something I’ve asked for for synergy with A4

The shortcut I have been using for the Mk1 (last OS prior to DVCO) is
Function+[Sound]Mute {hold}

Presently (Mk1 1.31) Double Tap Track does not work as it has always done on e.g. the A4 Mk1

I’d be interested to hear if the 1.35 update tidies this difference up for Mk1 users ? The Fn+Sound(hold) way always feels slow-clumsy-ish by comparison


Yes I’ve discovered it on the DVCO update (MK1).


good stuff -another nice touch to look forward to