Sequencing DSI Tempest with Octatrack?

Im just curious, does anyone sequence a tempest with the OT? Just wondering how that is working out. I have both and im exceptionally good with the OT sequencer, id like to control the tempest but it just seems so limited. Having a hard time finding info on this topic.

I did it for awhile. You’ll miss a few things, such as the immediacy and joy of banging out tracks on the Tempest live. But you can automate and p-lock beat fx, which is very cool.

In the end, I didn’t think it was worth it. But it can absolutely be done.

CC control of the Tempest is incredibly limited, yes, something DSI never fixed or improved upon substantially. One reason I got shot of mine.

Well, if you assign the sliders to a variety of parameters, you can do plenty with CC along with beat fx. Arguably, it’s limited, but in
practice, with four assignable fx parameters per beat along with fx, you can go pretty far.

For me, it was more that it took me away from the actual live experience of playing the Tempest, which I think is one of its strongest points.


Might try OT sequencing Tempest beat-fx only


…let them both do what they’re designed best for…the realtime break it baby capabilities of the tempest reacting to it’s truu analog voices is nowhere found anywhere else…

and so are the ot realtime mingle options of the ot when it comes to samples…

cc’s in the tempest are poor…so, yup, giving the tempest some sidekicks here and there via cc’s from the ot can do good big time…but it’s quite a headfuk to get there til it really makes sense, sonicwise…all the midi planet is poorly implanted in the tempest…but it’s groove is pretty much mpc like unique…and mpc vibes working on truu analog synthesis is simply outstanding…

so congrats to anybody who runs ths killer combo…ot, mpc and a tempest…u’ll be fine forever…