Sequencer Starting From Keypress in External Midi Keyboard - WTF?

Hi everyone,

Can anyone help me with what is surely a simple problem.

I am trying to use an external midi keyboard with the MonoMachine. However, anytime I play a key on the midi Keyboard, it starts the MonoMachine midis sequencer.

Not a huge problem, but is annoying for my writing process (ie: play keys to figure out a riff, then record it)

Does anyone know how I can change this behavior?

Thanks in advance (for the record, I did RTFM but I may have missed this)

Multi Map Mode… trigger a sequence from an external keyboard.

[ Global ] -> [ Multi Map Edit ]

Refer p93 for more info.

Thanks for this.

For anyone reading along or having the same problem:

This problem started when I did a full reset and OS update.
What appears to have happened is it deleted my midi settings.

Global > Control > Midi Channels > Set MultiMap Channel to – (therefore no midi is triggering multi map mode)