Sequencer not playing midi notes OUT

Yes please I’m loosing my mind ! :scream:

An external midi note is sent back just once, they are recorded, not played.
There are more non working notes than I thought on the chromatic keyboard. Did I missed them or it changed ? :open_mouth:

I check notes again and powercycle.
Edit : F2, F#2, G2, G#2, A2
C3, E3, A3, A#3, B3
C4, C#

I used a new project.

Edit I can’t see midi activity pixel on OT when I use these notes with chromatic trigs. I unplugged midi cables…:zonked:


Ok, I think I understood the weird behavior with notes. It’s my fault : I was sending Notes On only, so notes from external midi, were not sent anymore.
The more you send notes ON, the less you can send !

I think this is problematic if there is a note off error. You can’t send that note anymore, unless you send back the same note off, or power cycle. I changed the project without success. Double stop didn’t change the behavior.

I deleted irrelevant posts.
Back to tests with notes on and off !


have you recreated the scenario I posted originally using the OT’s “keyboard” (Chromatic Mode)

Not yet. I was able to record with chromatic trigs, but the notes on without notes off fucked my tests !

Note : I found an illogical behavior : when you hold a trig to plock external midi notes, LEN and VEL are set only once. If you hold again longer different notes the LEN and VEL remain the same.

Edit :
@marcelvidela I couldn’t replicate, it behaved as intended. Check arp settings, if you’re not transposed, out of range, check midi out activity with the right pixel above Tempo display and also check with a midi monitor if you don’t find.
I’m off ! :sleeping: