Sequencer advanced mode

Did anyone noted the different behaviour in A4 Mk1 and A4 Mk2 when you set the sequencer in advanced mode and set LENGTH>INF. + CHANGE (let’s say) 64 steps… (sequential pattern mode)
In Mk1 I can change pattern but cannot in Mk2…
Is it normal? Is it a bug?
Thanks 'nauts :slight_smile:

From the A4 Mk2 manual:

In this mode, the tracks of the pattern can be assigned individual lengths. Select ADVANCED mode by
navigating to the SCALE column using the [LEFT] arrow key. Select ADVANCED by using the [DOWN]
arrow key. In ADVANCED mode, two columns exist, TRACK and MASTER.
The TRACK column sets the step length of the track. It works just like setting the pattern length in
NORMAL mode. The settings will only affect the active track. Press the [TRACK] keys to select the track
whose scale settings will be edited.
The MASTER column is only available in ADVANCED mode. Here the master length, the master change
length of the pattern are set.
LEN controls the number of steps the pattern will play before all tracks are restarted. An INF setting
will make the tracks of the pattern loop infinitely, without ever being restarted. Note that this setting
also affects for how long the active pattern will play before a chained pattern will start playing. This
can be overridden by the CHNG parameter.
CHNG controls for how long the active pattern will play before a cued or chained pattern will begin
to play. This setting is important when for example LEN is set to INF. If no CHNG setting is made, the
pattern will play infinitely, and the next pattern will thus not be cued. But if CHNG, for instance, is set to
64, the pattern will behave like a pattern consisting of 64 steps regarding cuing and chaining.

Chng has been broken on AR for awhile, I write about it every once in awhile but only a handful of nauts seem to care. I’ve read reports of the other Elektron machines behaving wonky with chng as well. On AR MKI OS 1.31B chng does not work as stated in the manual, it does work using manual sequential change but that’s it…
Here’s one of the several times I’ve tested, confirmed, and reported:

Thank you for your reply Open_Mike… I can understand Chain or Song mode, but what other users say about normal cueing behaviour. Bug or not?