Sequence external devices via midi

I tried all midi settings and channels but somehow i can’t get the MS to control an external synth via midi (not usb). Anybody had any luck with that?

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I already checked with Midi-OX and the MS sends out midi clock but no notes or cc values.

8-4-2 in the manual, check “mout” ?


Is it you that posted this on the facebook group? If so I answered it there. I got it working fine sequencing a virus ti. You need to Func+Track and tick the midi on for that track.


Thank you very much guys!!!

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sorry can’t help any more… sold my M:S ages ago.

oh my gosh. I feel like a freaking nimrod. I had no Idea this existed and was relieved to find your comment. Sat for an hour trying to find out why I couldnt send midi to my devices. THANK YOU!!!