Sending the AK separate outputs to 4 mono tracks on mixer?


Hi all,
I have a question regarding the separate outputs on my AK.

I noticed that they are much quieter then the main output and understood this is because they are actually stereo outs so if u dont use a y cable they will go in phase, right?

Now the problem is i only have 4 mono channels free on my Soundcraft mixer and i would really like to use the separate outputs for obvious reasons.

is there any workaround for this?

i know i could use y cables and then only plug one side to a channel and hard pan it could kinda solve my issue but i currently have everything connected with trs to trs snakes and it would ofcourse be more convenient to keep using those…

I also noticed i have a phase button for each channel on my mixer, could this be part of the solution?

thanx alot in advance!


You are right, with TRS going into balanced mono you’ll get phase cancellation, and I think your workaround is the only solution. But: If you use simple TS cables and pan hard left, you can avoid the y cables with all the extra clutter.


Thx for the clarification jenne!

I guess if i enable the ‘mono’ switch on the channel then i hopefully dont have to pan hard left. Im just afraid of the panning for all the presets that include panning information, not that it matters since its a mono channel but its just that they dont start to act weird…

a bit of a shame that its not possible to make them mono outputs in the AK software, although i can see a lot of people happy that they can get four stereo tracks out of the machine it does take a lot of space on mixers or interfaces IMO