Sending MIDI notes out by playing, not manually triggering?

I want to play and record Syntakt patterns in a DAW (Bitwig), where I can send this MIDI to a machine drum with its own sounds.

I got to the point where the Syntakt is sending MIDI notes to the DAW when I trigger the Syntakt keys. Different Syntakt tracks send different notes and the machine drum in my DAW plays its sounds accordingly. All good.

Except… this only works when I trigger the keys manually. If I press Play, the tracks are triggered in the Syntakt as expected but no MIDI data arrives to the DAW. Am I missing something or is this how it is supposed to work? How can I get those MIDI notes to the DAW?

By setting tracks to midi…
Reload pattern Kit Data after recording.

I’d wish a midi out option as on AR btw.

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Thank you, @sezare56!

Ok, I see. The MIDI-related settings and documentation gave me the impression that this kind of MIDI out for notes was in place already. Now it’s clear why it isn’t explicitly mentioned.

I wonder whether this is a feature that a software update could bring in the future. Setting channels to MIDI and then back to their synths sounds boring enough not to do it regularly. :slight_smile: Perhaps it’s not so much trouble. I’ll check. Thank you again! Yesterday I spent a good amount of time trying all config combinations, MIDI cables and all.

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