First post. Thank you to all who post helpful guides on this forum! 20 year verteran of electronic music but I’m totally new to Elektron and the details on this forum made me decide to get a DT. It’s way easier to use than I thought, no offense to the posters who’ve run into issues. I guess I’ve just used way more non-intuitive gear in all realms. :slight_smile:

Anyway, LOVE IT. Saw some posts about SCW synthesis on OT and wanted to know if anyone has tried something like this on DT. Not that I need another thing to learn on the DT right now…

I think this has been discussed in some other threads. If you come across a SCWF depository feel free to share link :wink:

Well here’s a collection of thousands of them:

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Inspektor Gadget / @Multiman tuned the “Adventure Kid” single waveforms in the key of C.


Oh wow, thanks! Loaded up some of the adventure kid samples and started tweaking the filter with LFO. Solid test of the DTs effects and features. It’s a great way to get to know the unit’s depth. Cheers!

This has probably been covered already, but what’s the note range of chromatic samples on the DT? It’s more than the OT’s 2 octaves, yes? I’m getting more and more tempted to get one, and this is one thing that may sell it for me…

I’m guessing that the DT interpolates samples when pitched down? Or does it allow for things to get really crunchy like oldskool trackers?

You have 4 octaves of chromatic range on DT.
May I add it sound lovely…

I can’t see the post relating to the download, sorry! Any clues?

I have no idea what you’re talking about, but here is the link of @Miniman’s page

Must be phone thing, I was being directed to ‘router plunge base’! :thinking:

Indeed :slight_smile:
Me too, now that I’m on my phone !

I managed to reach the page

But of course on iOS it’s not really useful :smile:

I read through this entire thread before getting to the bottom and seeing “1 year later” …
Got me again, drats!